October 24, 2022

[On the Job] Fun at Home is on Tap with LG HomeBrew

In this installment of On the Job, we become the newest member of the My Beer Lab in charge of improving and developing new recipes for LG HomeBrew.

After a tiring day of work, a refreshing, ice-cold beer sounds divine to many of us. But could you imagine a world where tasting beer was your job? At LG, there is such a position, where it’s not only okay to think about beer, but also to drink it responsibly on the job.

LG’s My Beer Lab office full of employees

Based in a shared office in bustling Seoul, LG’s My Beer Lab is tasked with thinking about the art of crafting beer and the rising trend of drinking alone at home, or ‘honsul’ as it’s known in Korea – a mix of “alone” and “alcoholic beverage” in Korean – which has gained traction as more people have stayed in during COVID-19.

LG HomeBrew with a cup of beer

“Having worked as a brand manager for a global liquor company, I joined My Beer Lab because I wanted to try something new,” said Kim Ji-hong, head of marketing for LG HomeBrew. “To promote LG HomeBrew to as many people as possible, we’re busy planning new content and product placements while working with beer-loving brand ambassadors, and we also hope to create a space for customers to experience LG HomeBrew in person.”

Lee Dong-hoon, the man in charge of LG HomeBrew recipes, working at his office

“When I first saw the world’s first capsule-made home beer maker, I couldn’t stop thinking about its endless potential,” said Lee Dong-hoon, the man in charge of LG HomeBrew recipes. “We’re in the process of developing a diverse list of recipes so that LG HomeBrew fans can make more types of beer in the comfort of their home.”

So, what does it take to work at My Beer Lab? Well, a passion for alcohol is of course a must. “I’ve always been interested in mainstream culture since my college days, and my love for all kinds of alcohol, including whiskey, vodka and rum, helped me start my career at a global liquor company,” said Kim. To expand on his knowledge, Kim even attended a professional beer course in Ireland, the famous home of Guinness.

Closeup photo of LG HomeBrew brewing a cup of beer

“I don’t have the highest tolerance for alcohol, but I love nothing more than a fun, unique get-together with fellow beer enthusiasts and the atmosphere this creates, which is what fueled my desire to work in this field,” added Lee. Before joining My Bear Lab, he invested a lot of time learning about the latest brewing technologies from engineers based in Germany, which boasts a rich beer heritage.

LG's My Beer Lab team working together in the office

My Beer Lab’s seven employees start their morning with a 9AM staff meeting, where they freely share their work progress and opinions. Each unique opinion is valuable because it helps determine and carry out all aspects of product planning, supply chain management and marketing.

Considering how fast the alcohol industry changes, trends come and go quickly. Therefore, the team must stay on top of current fads. “Whenever I see a new type of beer, I buy several and bring them into the office to try with my team. As a marketer, it’s not just about the taste, but also the overall packaging and glass design,” said Kim. “When I go to a restaurant, I pay attention to what alcohol is on the menu and what people are ordering. This has become second nature to me,” added Lee.

When it comes to developing new recipes, the team must consider how it can deliver new, fun experiences to customers and take advantage of LG HomeBrew’s ability to make daily lives more special. This is why the latest model reduces the average crafting time of ale beer, a favorite among customers, from 14 days to 10.

Blind taste test conducted at My Beer Lab with four different beers placed under the LG HomeBrewBlind taste test conducted at My Beer Lab

To help them develop delicious new recipes, My Beer Lab conducts blind taste tests every daily where they can share their opinions and preferences with other team members. They also take time to gather consumer opinions through social media while monitoring their posts and comments to learn what they like and don’t like. It’s these efforts that ensure LG HomeBrew satisfies more consumers with new recipes that will be loved by most people.

Illustration with the title,

So, as LG’s official beer experts, which beer do they recommend? That all depends on personal preference. For those seeking a light-bodied beer, there’s nothing better than the pilsner or wheat beer which each boast a refreshing taste and subtle scent. Others may prefer something not too light or too heavy, so a pale or red ale is perfect for them with both favorites among craft beer enthusiasts, as they’re easy to drink and pair well with all kinds of food. And finally, for those who enjoy full-bodied tastes, a stout or IPA is the optimum choice with its dark, heavy taste that lets one fully enjoy the true wonders of craft beer.

Stay tuned for the next installment of On the Job to see what other interesting jobs there are at LG!

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