October 21, 2022

Building a World Where Everyone Has a Safe Place to Call Home

To help give every global citizen a safe space that they can call home, in 2020, LG teamed up with Habitat for Humanity (HFH) Korea to establish the Life’s Good: Hope Village project. As the second phase of this worldwide project, LG is now promoting safe and sanitary environments by building sturdy, eco-friendly housing and clean local public facilities for some of the less fortunate people living in Vietnam, India and Kenya.

An Indian family posing together at the entrance of their house that was rebuilt through Life's Good: Hope Village project

With a deep understanding of the local people and culture, LG designed an extremely thoughtful approach that would help take care of those in need and lay the foundations for a sustainable, inclusive environment for the community’s future generations.

Two students planting trees to help improve their school ground.

This project focused on creating an environment that encouraged greater sanitation and educational opportunities, and included the construction of a new community restroom and local library, as well as much-needed repairs to numerous run-down houses in the area. In India’s Pune district, where ten-hour power blackouts are an everyday occurrence, five solar power production facilities have been installed through this project to provide a more reliable source of electricity. Training sessions were also organized for more than 1,500 residents to teach them about the importance of environmentally friendly living, safe drinking water and general hygiene and sanitation.

A photo taken at the project's opening ceremony with donated household appliances from LG

Also, to make locals’ lives better and more convenient, LG donated a number of its innovative household appliances, including washing machines, microwaves, refrigerators and air conditioners, to make healthier living at home possible for them, too.

A toilet built through the Hope Village project

“For a long ten years, my whole family was living in an old temporary house made of wood plates and with no toilet. Living here threatened the health and happiness of the people I loved every day,” said Bui Thi Luc, a resident of the Ruong Denh village whose home is being rebuilt through the Hope Village project. “But thanks to LG and Habitat for Humanity, my family and I can finally live in our dream home and always feel safe and comfortable.”

Bui Thi Luc, a resident of the Ruong Denh village, posing in front of her house which was rebuilt through the Hope Village project

Driven by the company’s enduring vision that sees everyone deserving of that Life’s Good feeling, LG will continue to help build safe spaces for people from all walks of life around the world.

Vietnamese children playing together

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