October 20, 2022

Bringing Plant Into the Home Interior: The Trendsetting LG tiiun

For almost three years now, many of us have been adapted to spend time at home. It’s a significant shift that has led to, among other things, an explosion of interest in interior decorating and the personalization of one’s living environment. One of the more popular décor styles of the moment is called ‘planterior.’ A combination of the word ‘plant’ and ‘interior,’ the term ‘planterior’ means to bring nature indoors, creating gorgeous, lush spaces through the use of live plants, flowers and shrubs.

LG tiiun and tiiun mini are placed on the floor and wall shelf respectively, growing plants

Having a variety of different greenery, from desert succulents and tropical plants to small trees and creepers, brings instant visual interest to a room. Plant life offers an array of colors, shapes and textures – as well as delectable scents – that can be mixed and matched to suite personal taste, and to add a sense of artistic beauty and wellbeing to your abode.

A variety of plants are arranged on a shelf

Going hand in hand with this, and the desire to realize a ‘greener’ home through prioritizing recycling and adopting eco-conscious materials, is the trend of growing your own herbs, vegetables and flowers. For the easiest possible home-growing experience, LG offers the tiiun and the newly-launched tiiun mini; innovations that deliver fresh greens with no fuss, even if you’re completely new to the wonders of gardening.

A person is making some decorations using flowers and plants

Key to the ease and effectiveness of tiiun are LG’s innovative and highly convenient seed kits, which were developed based on the company’s in-depth research into plant cultivation. Using the seed kits, along with water and nutritional supplements that comes with seed kits and LED lighting, LG tiiun enables users to grow plants, vegetables and flowers1 in just four to eight weeks.2 No messy soil required.

A person is pouring a glass of water into the water tank of LG tiiun

Additionally, tiiun employs the Flexible Weather Control System, which leverages the company’s renowned Inverter Compressor to automatically adjust the temperature for optimal plant growth. Users can also easily manage the entire plant cultivation process by connecting the appliance to the LG ThinQTM app. They’ll receive notifications about water levels, temperature and lighting, and be kept up to date on how their plants are progressing.

LG tiiun mini is growing herbs and marigolds

For those with smaller houses or apartments – or those that just want to see the magic of nature at work while in their room or home office – the LG tiiun mini is a perfect solution. More compact than the standard-size model, the tiiun mini enriches the home and consumers’ lifestyles by conveniently cultivating plants that can be enjoyed either as part of a nutritious diet or as natural decoration. Since its recent launch, the tiiun mini has captured the attention of millions of people worldwide, especially who are leading the trend of living more in harmony with nature.

A woman is placing plants on a black frame hanging on the wall

An innovation for a better life, LG tiiun has made growing plants more convenient and space-friendly than ever, created a new home appliance category – harvester – and helped introduce a new concept in home living. Delivering new value and customer experiences, LG will continue to create products that improve daily life and pave the way toward a sustainable future for all.

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1 LG currently offers 22 different species of plants, vegetables and flowers to choose from.
2 The cultivation period is approximately four weeks for leafy greens, six weeks for herbs and eight weeks for flowers.


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