February 18, 2021

5 Tech Keywords You Need to Know in 2021

The world endured drastic changes last year with everyone doing their best to adjust to the new environment. One thing businesses, families and society in general had in common was the greater reliance on technology to get them through this crisis. Innovation and the advancement of technology never ceases but the pandemic has accelerated this evolution. Below are five hot topic keywords culled from leading research institution’s trend reports that are likely to dominate and heavily influence our lives in 2021:

The title image of the graphic news article with five keywords and short summaries shown below.

An overall look of the story related to 5 Tech Keywords of 2021 with photos of LG's future talk and Reah Keem, the virtual influencer of LG.
#virtual #VirtualInfluencer

The page explaining the present and future of AI technology.
#AI #AIXExchange

The page introducing LG's robotics with photos of various CLOi robots used for different purposes.
#LGCLOi #Robots #GuideBot #ServeBot #ChefBot #BaristaBot #UVrobot

A set of LG's hygiene-related products are introduced to suggest ways to live safe and healthy.
#LGPuriCare #LGPuriCareWearableAirPurifier #LGCordZero
#LGPuriCare360AirPurifier #LGdishwasher #LGStylerAn image explaining how LG's electronic devices help people work from home more efficiently and enjoy their time at home more.
#LGgram #LGUltraWide #LGUltraGear #LGUltraFine #LGTransparentOLED #LGOLEDSignage

The page with three different types of images including the exterior and interior design of a car, explaining LG's vehicle-related technologies.
#mobility #LGOLEDAutomotiveDisplay #LGMagnaJointVenture

# # #

The Shape of Reality is Changing: PwC “Seeing Is believing” Report (2019), https://www.pwc.com/gx/en/technology/ publications/assets/how-virtual-reality-and-augmented-reality.pdf
Robotics: IFR “Service Robots” Record (2020), https://ifr.org/news/service-robots-record-sales-worldwide-up-32
Hygiene: Study conducted by University of Arizona, https://www.ciriscience.org/a_96-Study-Reveals-High-Bacteria-Levels-on-Footwear
Evolution of Home: PwC “US Remote Work” Survey (2021), https://www.pwc.com/us/en/library/covid-19/us-remote-work-survey.html/
Mobility: IHS Markit “Car of the Future” Infographic (2019), https://cdn.ihsmarkit.com/www/pdf/1219/414806070-1019-YJ-AUT-CarOfTheFuture-Infographic-LoRes.pdf


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