April 1, 2024

Small Changes, Big Impact: How a Few School Improvements Can Inspire the Children of Thailand

Taking its role as a leading corporate citizen of the world seriously, no matter where it operates, LG always prioritized activities that deliver a better quality of life to underprivileged communities as part of its ‘Life’s Good’ mission. Aligned with this commitment, LG Thailand recently set its sights on giving back to society with the ambitious goal of running at least one social project per quarter this year.

To kick things off, the company established a project dedicated to improving the development and learning environment of Thai youths in the first quarter. This initiative saw over thirty LG Thailand employees volunteer to restore Wat Klong Klone, a school located in the Mueang District of Samut Songkhram Province, to its original splendor. Joining them for this great cause were like-minded employees from Wong Anan Sales and Services Limited Partnership, LG’s important partner in the country.

This highly anticipated project included giving the school a lick of new paint, making improvements to the ground’s playground and basketball court, creating an educational ‘Unplug Coding’ playground that teaches analytical and systematic thinking, and donating a Life’s Good Playground with plenty of equipment designed to unleash the students’ creativity.

Additionally, LG Thailand donated a new LG air conditioner to improve the health and well-being of students inside the classroom. Recognizing the importance of supporting young students with good air quality, the company has been donating quality of life-enhancing air conditioners, air purifiers and other beneficial devices to various educational institutions to deliver on their basic human right to learn in pollution-free environments.

This level of dedication to ensuring students can study in safer, cleaner learning environments enables LG to foster the next generation that will lead the country into the future. To explore more initiatives being carried out by the company around the globe, subscribe to the LG Newsroom now.

Contributed by LG Thailand

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