April 25, 2024

[Earth Day with LG๐ŸŒŽ] Committed to Creating a Cleaner and Better Tomorrow

Earth Day โ€“ celebrated annually on April 22 โ€“ is a great opportunity for people around all parts of the globe to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

Shared earlier this week, LG USA hosted the โ€˜Lifeโ€™s Good Earth Day Fair,โ€™ an event with diverse activities highlighting the importance of sustainable practices. Letโ€™s take a look at how other LG offices around the world shared the positive message of creating a โ€˜Better Life for Allโ€™ in time for Earth Day.

To start off in Germany, the company turned Earth Day into a week-long event through Earth Week on its online brand shop. From April 22 to 28, German consumers will receive a 10 percent discount on all LG household appliances with a green energy label purchased on LG.com/de, not only saving money but also energy at the same time.

LG Germany wanted to fully do its part to contribute to a more sustainable future, which is why it partnered with the local initiative Herzenswald Schmitten, a non-profit association that advocates sustainable environment protection and nature conservation. As a part of this partnership, LG Germany will donate 10 percent of revenue from the energy efficient home appliances purchased between April 22-28 to the organization. Aligned with Herzenswald Schmittenโ€™s mission, LG Germany proudly supports regional afforestation and providing newly planted trees with individual protection against poaching.

And, to boost sustainable practices within the company, LG Germany celebrated Earth Day in its Eschborn office. Employees received a reusable coffee cup, featuring the Lifeโ€™s Good logo, reducing waste on single-use cups and even further promoting the brand message in public. Also, to motivate employees to reduce their carbon footprint, the company awarded employees who came to the office by either bike or public transportation with a voucher from a coffee bar located in the building โ€“ providing an opportunity for employees to use their brand new Lifeโ€™s Good cups and spread the message. The company is excited to see how many employees make the morning bike ride their daily routine!

Reducing disposable wastes is an important task, one that LGโ€™s headquarters in Korea is also paying great attention to. In time for this yearโ€™s Earth Day, LG CEO William Cho joined in on the โ€œZero Disposables Challenge,โ€ a nation-wide environmental initiative launched by South Koreaโ€™s Ministry of Environment last year to encourage the use of reusable items in public. In line with this, the company called on all its employees to boost efforts to reduce the use of single-use products and increase the use of reusable products.

In Taiwan, the company deliberated on ways to make a difference for the planet through small daily actions. LG believes that doing one little thing every day has the power to have a great impact when accumulated over time.

To highlight this message, LG Taiwan unveiled a challenge on its official social media page, inviting users to reshare their Instagram story template, selecting what good things โ€“ no matter how big or small โ€“ they do to show that they love the earth! Running from April 22 to May 5, the company will select six winners who will receive a gift card.

Last but not least, LG Spain created a video outlining their on-going efforts to create a better planet. In the video shared via its social channels, the company introduces their Smart Green movement, an initiative that uses technology as a means to regenerate the ecosystem. The movementโ€™s goals include planting 47 million trees; repopulating 47 million Iberian bees to ensure the pollination of countless endemic plants; and restoring the seabed, which is home to thousands of plant and animal species. Already seeing great results, LG Spain reiterated its commitment to work with its local partners to change the world for the better.

LG believes Lifeโ€™s Good but also understands that true enjoyment requires care and attention. The company is committed to not only crafting sustainable products but also to participating in initiatives that foster a better, cleaner future.

Contributed by LG Germany, Taiwan and Spain

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