November 10, 2023

Supporting the Dreams of Youths With Disabilities Through GITC

Title image of LG's 2023 Global IT Challenge with various future technologies displayed as icons

Last month, for the finals of the 2023 Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities (GITC), more than 460 participants gathered in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates to compete in various challenges to test their IT capabilities.

In each of the six challenges, winners were announced based on their excellence in completing IT-related challenges, such as creating presentations and spreadsheets, conducting text and image searches, producing and editing videos, coding a self-driving car program and developing ideas for technology that can improve the lives of those with disabilities.

Let’s hear from a few of the winners of this year’s GITC.

Illustration of Muhammad Naazir Danesh, a winner of 2023 GITC, with a quote overlapping

Muhammad Naazir Danesh, a fifteen-year-old from Malaysia, was named the Global IT Leader for GITC 2023. Muhammad not only placed first in the eContent Challenge and eCreative_Smart Car Challenge but second in the eCreative_IoT Challenge and third in the eTool_Spreadsheet Challenge.

“Receiving such a big award has left me at a loss for words,” said Muhammad, who participated in GITC for the third time this year. Muhammad aims to pursue further studies in the IT field with a goal to work in the tech industry in the future.

Illustration of Seerano Johnpov, a winner of 2023 GITC, with a quote overlapping

The first-place winner of the eLifeMap Challenge was Seerano Johnpov, a fifteen-year-old from Cambodia. Seerano has long been interested in computer hardware and repair, which is what motivated him to apply for GITC. While he has faced many difficulties since birth due to his arm disabilities, Seerano has always tried to find solutions and stay positive. “If I get the opportunity, I’d like to study IT more seriously in the future.”

Illustration of Minseong Park, a winner of 2023 GITC, with a quote overlapping

In the eTool_Spreadsheet Challenge, eighteen-year-old Minseong Park from South Korea was awarded first place. Having participated in GITC on the recommendation of his teacher, Minseong has a dream to also become a special education teacher. According to Minseong, GITC was the perfect opportunity for him to gain experience in communicating and collaborating with youths with disabilities and now, he has an even greater desire to prove his abilities.

Illustration of Dave Soriano, a winner of 2023 GITC, with a quote overlapping

From the Philippines, seventeen-year-old Dave Soriano was recognized as the third-place winner of the eCreative_Smart Car Challenge. Despite his disabilities, Dave always tries to stay positive and active, loving to spend his free time going on walks, playing online games and swimming. With a dream to become a computer engineer, Dave hopes that his “current self can be a role model for friends who, like me, struggle with severe disabilities.”

Illustration of Fabya Najwa Azhari, a winner of 2023 GITC, with a quote overlapping

Last but not least, Fabya Najwa Azhari, a twenty-year-old from Indonesia, was awarded the second-place winner of the eCreative_Smart Car Challenge. Having participated in GITC in 2021 and 2022, Fabya was encouraged to try again this year thanks to the support of her friends and family. “Through this experience, I learned how to become a stronger person, and with perseverance, I believe that disability can cross boundaries,” shared Fabya, who aims to pursue further studies in information science.

Illustration of six winners of 2023 GITC

Each participant of the GITC displayed not only dedication and determination but the bold optimism of the company’s Life’s Good brand promise to complete their challenges, even when faced with difficult tasks.

Through GITC, the company hopes to continuously support youths with disabilities to mature into IT professionals and empower them to pursue their dreams and transcend all barriers in terms of ability, religion and nationality.

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