November 7, 2023

[Mobility Inside] Overseas Hubs of LG’s Mobility Technology

World-class companies recognize the importance of owning and controlling proprietary technology, with the leaders emphasizing how the original and unique technology is a key determinant of success and the foundation for fostering innovation in areas yet to be ventured by others. This is probably why LG CEO William Cho often says, “Acquiring and developing proprietary technology is vital for survival.”

Illustration of engineers taking a closer look at a vehicle

The same applies to the mobility business. As cars evolve ever more into ‘computers on wheels,’ the integration of cutting-edge technologies such as autonomous driving, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing and 5G is advancing the future of automobiles. In anticipation of the changes taking place, LG’s Vehicle component Solutions (VS) Company has constantly strived over the years to develop exclusive mobility technology, which involves establishment of its overseas R&D centers.

To give a better glimpse of what they are and what they do, we will take a closer look at LG Soft India (LGSI) and LG Electronics Development Vietnam (LGEDV).

Researchers from LG headquarters (HQ) and LGSI collaborating in Bengaluru, India
Researchers from LG headquarters (HQ) and LGSI collaborating in Bengaluru, India

Based in Bengaluru, India, LGSI is the company’s largest overseas R&D center and a key partner of LG VS Company in the development of infotainment software solutions including vehicle telematics, Audio Video Navigation (AVN) unit, instrumental cluster, Center Information Display (CID) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). The center regularly holds meetings with LG HQ in Seoul, South Korea, to review solutions and benchmark one another in efforts to develop optimal solutions for globally renowned automotive OEMs.

Image explaining LG Soft India's five mobility research areas, including AUTOSAR, AVN, SQA, ADAS and Consolidated System

LGSI holds frequent workshops with OEMs to discuss work scopes, check on development processes and review verification results as well as the quality of engineering outputs. The combination of such operations helps strengthen the capabilities of the staff at not only the R&D center but also HQ, ultimately contributing to the further improvement in the quality of the company’s mobility solutions. The center’s extensive development experience also plays a big role in the advancement of other businesses such as LG Home Entertainment Company’s webOS platform and AI solutions.

Researchers from LG HQ and LGEDV collaborating in Hanoi, Vietnam
Researchers from LG HQ and LGEDV collaborating in Hanoi, Vietnam

LGEDV, with offices in Hanoi and Danang, Vietnam, is another major overseas R&D center that works closely with LG VS Company. It is responsible for the development and verification of LG’s major product solutions. The engineers at LGEDV are known for their extensive knowledge in solution development as well as their zeal for self-improvement. They boast abundant experience not only in development capabilities, but also in overall aspects of software engineering, including project management, quality assurance and code quality management.

Screenshots of LG Electronics R&D Vietnam in Hanoi and Da Nang

The significance of LG’s overseas R&D centers has grown in recent years with the emergence of Software-defined Vehicles. Unlike traditional automobiles that relied heavily on mechanical components, trending vehicles are now integrating vehicle components with software that can satisfy diverse demands and conditions in terms of variety, quality, safety, reliability and even entertainment.

Under such circumstances, it is necessary to see things from various perspectives and discuss solutions based on different experiences in order to come up with original technologies, which is why LG is garnering talents from across the globe. With engineers from diverse backgrounds and skills, LG will continue its journey of developing innovative solutions to offer mesmerizing mobility experiences.

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