August 4, 2023

A More Colorful World With Life’s Good

Earlier this year, LG introduced its new brand direction and visual identity under the LG Brand Reinvent to put the spotlight on the value of Life’s Good with a more youthful and dynamic image.

LG CEO Cho participating in a flashmob with LG employees in Italy as a part of Life's Good campaign
Life’s Good’ truck at the ‘Life’s Good’ event held in South Korea

To give employees a deeper understanding of what Life’s Good is all about, the company recently unleashed its Life’s Good campaign on its business sites across South Korea. For its next phase, LG is extending these efforts to customers worldwide by kicking off the campaign’s world tour this month.

LG CEO Cho and LG Italy employees holding panels which have various lifestlye images

The first city to enjoy the charm of this campaign was Milan, Italy. To commemorate the start of the global campaign, LG CEO William Cho visited the vibrant, historic city in person to join local LG staff in affirming the message of Life’s Good through two major activities: a flashmob and the Life’s Good tram.

While in Italy, CEO Cho took part in the company’s flashmob at Piazza Gino Valle, where 100 employees held panels up in the air to form a 10×10 square that spelled out Life’s Good. This performance was put on to spread the power of collective efforts and trust in one another while championing the importance of adopting a joyous, can-do attitude to learn and grow together.

Once the 100-strong team is ready to part ways with these panels, instead of being thrown away, they will be used to decorate LG’s Milan offices for daily motivation. And to ensure the campaign’s message lives on, a tram decorated with Life’s Good photos and messages will operate in Central Milan for about a month.

The first Life’s Good campaign aims to help people savor every moment of life through LG’s products and services. And with many more campaigns to come in other parts of the globe, each one will highlight LG’s positive Life’s Good message in its own unique way.

So stay tuned to be the first to learn how this colorful campaign is striking a chord with people around the world.

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