July 26, 2023

[LG SIGNATURE Inspirations] Artistic Director Kang Sue-jin on Seamless Fusion of Art and Technology

To deliver unparalleled living experiences based on the brand theme of ‘Live beyond.’, LG SIGNATURE recently sponsored a remarkable modern reinterpretation of ‘Swan Lake’ by Angelin Preljocaj, a master of modern ballet. At LG Arts Center SEOUL, the luxury brand prepared a special ‘wireless’ LG SIGNATURE OLED M exhibition zone to demonstrate what 10 years of groundbreaking OLED innovation looks like in person, striking the perfect balance between outstanding picture quality and immersive sound.

Celebrities from the realms of fine arts and culture were not going to miss this once-in-a-lifetime show, including Korea’s world-class ballerina and artistic director of the Korean National Ballet, Kang Sue-jin, to the delight of all the ballet enthusiasts in attendance.

Before the performance began, Kang headed to the special exhibition zone to see for herself how it artistically reinterpreted the ‘wireless’ freedom of LG SIGNATURE OLED M with the motif of a beautiful swan on a lake. Inspired by Swan Lake’s most iconic scene, parts of the floor were designed to appear like flowing water to give the impression that the 97-inch LG SIGNATURE OLED M, the world’s largest OLED TV, was floating on water. In addition, the ‘Zero Connect Box’ showcased on the swan sculpture allowed visitors to feel the artistic sensibility and freedom of space provided by wireless technology. “Just as a flawless technique forms the foundation for beautiful ballet movements, household appliances gain greater value when technology and art coexist in perfect harmony,” said Kang.

What’s more, Kang interpreted the LG SIGNATURE brand’s theme of ‘Live beyond.’ in the world of ballet as “surpassing the boundaries of artistic expression and constantly elevating oneself to new dimensions to take dance to the next level.” She also mentioned how the “innovative technology and timeless design of LG SIGNATURE OLED M not only represented more freedom to do what you want, but also gave a glimpse into a new sense of value.”

After the show, Kang commented on how captivating the experience was from start to finish. “The timeless music created by the legendary Tchaikovsky was reinterpreted in a contemporary way that kept the audience engaged and entertained throughout,” Kang remarked. “I drew inspiration from the musicality of the production, and Preljocaj’s creativity, visuals and lighting were innovative and enlightening. I would jump at the opportunity to attend another of his performances.”

“I was deeply impressed by LG SIGNATURE after witnessing its commitment to culture and the arts firsthand for the creation of new life values and customer experiences, while also making efforts to enhance artistic values and give appreciation to culture through its products,” concluded Kang. “I wish everyone can experience various forms of art every day through LG’s dedication to culture and art.”

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