July 14, 2023

[LG SIGNATURE Inspirations] French Visionary Angelin Preljocaj and His Vision Behind ‘Swan Lake’

The words “magical,” “poetic,” and “feather-light” all come to mind when thinking of a single masterpiece – ‘Swan Lake.’ Brought to life by the mesmerizing choreography of Angelin Preljocaj, this iconic ballet has not only redefined the landscape of dance but also captured the hearts of audiences worldwide, birthing another classic to be remembered.

Photo credit: Ballet Preljocaj

A luminary in the realm of dance, Preljocaj has crafted a brilliant career, standing at the forefront of contemporary ballet dance for over 40 years. He has received prestigious accolades as a choreographer including Benois de la Danse in 1995 and was named Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur by the French government in 1998.

Through LG SIGNATURE’s sponsorship, Preljocaj’s ballet troupe’s performance of ‘Swan Lake’ provided a remarkable opportunity for Korean audiences to experience an excellent and captivating rendition of the iconic ballet. This sponsorship underscores LG’s commitment to supporting cultural endeavors and recognizing artistic excellence. His rendition of ‘Swan Lake’ stands out for its modern and contemporary approach, differentiating it from the original production.

‘Swan Lake’ (Photo credit: Ballet Preljocaj)

Having previously put on a performance in Seoul, South Korea in 2019, Preljocaj shared that the city’s vibrant cultural scene and appreciation for the arts make it an ideal setting to showcase the artistic vision and craftsmanship that went into creating the performance.   And it was even more significant as it was sponsored by LG SIGNATURE.

Preljocaj commended the special exhibition zone, inspired by the essence of ‘Swan Lake,’ which added an extra layer of magic to the overall experience. “The design, reminiscent of the ballet’s iconic scenes, provides a visually captivating entrance and sets the tone for what’s to come,” continued Preljocaj. He also praised the LG SIGNATURE OLED M display as an exceptional piece of technology that perfectly complements the atmosphere of ‘Swan Lake.’ “With its innovative design, the 97-inch OLED screen appears to float on a dark lake, mirroring the enchanting visuals of the ballet, while the elimination of power lines adds to the feeling of freedom and fluidity, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal,” he further explained. “It’s a beautiful integration of artistry and cutting-edge technology, which resonates with the spirit of the performance itself, and it’s wonderful to see technology and art merge seamlessly, enhancing the audience’s engagement with the performance.”

Photo credit: Ballet Preljocaj

Preljocaj also shared his insight on the harmony of art and technology, the foundation of LG SIGNATURE’s philosophy. “While technology has provided artists with new tools and mediums to express their creativity, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the art world, at the same time, art has the power to humanize technology, infusing it with emotion, meaning and a unique perspective,” he said. He also explained that technology can enhance the artistic process, enabling artists to create immersive experiences and engage with audiences in new and exciting ways. “I collaborated with Boris Labbé, an animation filmmaker, for this production and, together, we created visual imagery that can be seen during the performance,” he concluded. “This collaboration with technology proved instrumental in enhancing my stage direction and added significant value to the overall presentation.”

LG SIGNATURE will continue to partner with visionaries like Angelin Preljocajto to highlight the harmony of technology and art. Stay tuned for the next story to learn more about how LG SIGNATURE celebrates arts and culture.

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