October 18, 2022

Celebrating the Traditions of Taekwondo in South Africa

Taekwondo athletes holding the national flags of South Africa and Korea at the end of their performance

Taekwondo, a traditional martial art originating from Korea, has gained tremendous popularity across the world, so much so that it became an official Olympic sport in the summer of 2000. Acknowledged worldwide as a great way to develop and maintain one’s self-discipline, as well as keep a healthy body, many millions have fallen in love with the traditions and art of Taekwondo and everything the sport represents.

Taekwondo athletes preparing for a performance at the Ambassador's Taekwondo Cup in South Africa

To promote this inclusive sport across the vibrant continent of Africa, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea has been annually hosting the Ambassador’s Taekwondo Cup since 2009, and this is the first year for LG to support the Taekwondo Cup in partnership with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea and the South African Taekwondo Association.

LG personnel giving a speech at the Ambassador's Taekwondo Cup in South Africa

During the tournament’s opening remarks, Park Chull-joo, Korean Ambassador to South Africa, highlighted the soaring popularity of Taekwondo in South Africa and how it demonstrated that cooperation between Korea and South Africa had strengthened over the years. The event was jam-packed with spectacular shows including impressive, energetic skills demonstrations performed by the Kukkiwon, the South Korean government’s official Taekwondo governing body, and talented athletes hailing from South Africa, which were accompanied by beautiful Korean traditional music.

An athlete performing Taekwondo at the Ambassador's Taekwondo Cup in South Africa

Attendees could enjoy and experience select LG products showcased during the event, which included LG NanoCell TV, LG QNED TV, LG OLED evo, LG Styler and LG InstaView refrigerator. What’s more, promotional videos championing Busan’s bid for World Expo 2030 were displayed on the LG TVs being presented, which is another example of LG proudly supporting this bid after airing promotional videos on its outdoor displays in iconic spots such as Times Square, New York and Piccadilly Circus, London.

LG OLED TV, QNED TV, refrigerator and more displayed at the Ambassador's Taekwondo Cup in South Africa

LG will carry on supporting and hosting various cultural events that provide locals with new experiences and opportunities, as the company takes another step toward becoming a global powerhouse for culture and technology, spreading hope and spirit with its “Life’s Good” message.

Participants of the Ambassador's Taekwondo Cup in South Africa posing for a picture together

Contributed by LG South Africa

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