September 19, 2022

LG’s Newest Innovations the Talk of the Town at IFA 2022

LG OLED TV showcased at LG Booth at IFA 2022

After two long years, IFA 2022 marked the triumphant return of its full-scale format which saw over 240,000 people make their way to Messe Berlin, IFA’s long-term home, between September 1-5.

Many visitors walking around and taking a closer look at products showcased at LG Booth during IFA 2022

This year, under its theme of ‘Life, Reimagined,’ LG Electronics presented cutting-edge, human-centered innovations that bring new possibilities and experiences to daily life.

The 97-inch OLED evo Gallery Edition TV showcased at LG Booth during IFA 2022

Of the many LG innovations presented at IFA, possibly the first thing to catch the eye of most booth visitors was the 97-inch OLED evo Gallery Edition TV, the world’s largest OLED TV which boasts incredible picture quality thanks to its self-lit panel technology. Other large-screen TVs, such as the 88-inch LG SIGNATURE OLED TV 8K and 136-inch 4K Micro LED, yet again proved LG’s excellence in the TV sphere on a truly global stage.

The Flex Arcade Zone crowded with visitors who are in line to experience the new OLED Flex

Attracting a lot of attention, especially among gamers, was the Flex Arcade Zone which featured several gaming stations for visitors to experience the new LG OLED Flex (model LX3). The world’s first flexible 42-inch OLED TV, LX3’s display transforms from completely flat to curved so users can choose their ideal arc from twenty levels of curvature. Users can also easily switch screen curvature between two presets using the remote’s dedicated button for an even more effortless user experience.

LG MoodUP refrigerators showcased at LG Booth during IFA 2022

LG also presented its latest home appliances, with the new MoodUP™ refrigerator with color-changing LED door panels the company’s showstopper. Thanks to its innovative LED door panels, the all-new refrigerator delivers unrivaled design flexibility with 22 upper door colors and 19 lower door colors to mix and match. With the MicroLED screen in the background displaying colorful graphics representing the vivid colors of the MoodUP refrigerator, the overall experience was one to remember.

A part of the LG Booth at IFA 2022 decorated with LG ThinQ-enabled appliances and LG-themed toys made from the collaboration with PLAYMOBIL

Other LG ThinQ-enabled appliances made their way to Berlin as well, like the new LG PuriCare Aero Furniture, LG Washtower, LG Styler™ ShoeCase and ShoeCare. This space was dedicated to showing how LG appliances come together through ThinQ to create the completely connected home of the future.

Part of LG Booth at IFA 2022 where LG's new XBOOM 360 speaker, the TONE Free and TONE Free fit are paired with furniture and home accessories from Moooi

With its theme being “Life, Reimagined,” the company couldn’t leave out its lifestyle TVs. With a zone set around the living room and bedroom, the LG OLED Objet Collection demonstrated how its TVs are able to harmonize with any décor with relative ease.

Part of the LG Booth at IFA 2022 where visitors are playing games on LG UltraGear Gaming monitors

Finally, LG’s cutting-edge monitors were also put in the spotlight, including the new 42-inch UltraGear™ OLED gaming monitor which is its first curved OLED display with a 240Hz refresh rate. Here, visitors could play popular games and experience the perfect gaming sidekick for themselves, offering the performance, speed and features today’s avid gamers demand.

IFA was the perfect place to experience LG’s products and services that bring more convenience and enjoyment in person. Going forward, LG strives to deliver human-centered innovation with various smart life solutions designed to meet the needs and tastes of consumers in a changing world.

LG Booth crowded with many visitors interested in LG products

While LG was definitely a star player at IFA this year, many other manufacturers were also present to introduce their newest innovations. One reoccurring trend that has stood out at almost every major tech tradeshow over the last ten years is ‘Smart Home Technology’. Once again, smart home tech headlined IFA as people’s lives have become more ‘home-centric’ since the global pandemic and as more companies commit to Matter – a new smart home connectivity standard created by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (the Alliance) and supported by major companies including Google, Amazon and Apple.

Another obvious trend at IFA was artificial intelligence (AI), which is developing rapidly to become the heart of many gadgets and services we use every day. AI is now automating our indoor environments, predicting our needs based on our usage patterns, delivering helpful time- and situation-specific reminders and making suggestions for improving or extending usability. From health to home entertainment, AI was present in practically every product and tech category of this year’s IFA.

The photo taken during IFA 2022 where many visitors are gathered to listen to the speaker
 and the phrase Photo credit: IFA Berlin

And, with many manufacturers prioritizing sustainable consumer tech to reduce their environmental impact and pave the way to a brighter future, sustainability was another key IFA theme. More popular than ever, eco-friendly products that use less energy, employ reused materials and minimize harmful emissions while offering easy repair-ability and recyclability are here to stay.

So, with IFA 2022 done and over with, stay tuned to discover what new innovations LG has in store!

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