August 17, 2021

Going the Extra Mile for Customer Service

LG technicians riding in on motorcycles in front of LG trucks to celebrate The Last Mile program.

As anyone who has dealt with customer can attest, good service is one of the most important factors that determines customer satisfaction and loyalty, and a key component of a brand’s reputation especially in the last mile of a customer’s journey. But ensuring that existing customers are well taken care of is easier said than done, given the pressure to bring in new customers in today’s uber competitive world.

LG East Africa managing director Kim Sa-nyoung and LG Middle East and Africa regional managing director Lee Kwan-yul signing a large declaration board.

With this challenge in mind, LG in East Africa in partnership with Opalnet, its authorized local distributor, kicked off an enhanced customer service initiative to give customers a memorable experience from the point of sale until their next purchase of an LG product. The Last Mile program was developed to deliver high quality support to customers and enhance their after-sales experience through LG’s service centers in key towns across the region.

A promotional image for LG Customer Service,

As part of the initiative, all products are delivered at no extra cost to customers, with free installation when applicable along with personal demonstrations of advanced features such as LG ThinQ. All customers are eligible for a 7-day trial program on all purchases along with support via a toll-free line, video call or in-home visit within 24 hours by qualified service technicians. Core components of home appliances are covered by LG’s generous 10-year warranty and for products no longer under warranty, affordable repair service and discounts on new product are offered.

LG trucks riding in a convoy for The Last Mile program which provides appliance repair services.

To reach out to more customers who may not live a convenient distance from existing service centers, an additional 16 trucks and 3 motorbikes are employed to provide mobile service across the East African region. In Tanzania, more than 20 refurbishing shops will assist customers who are interested in repairing their own products that might otherwise end up in a landfill.

LG's qualified technicians holding flowers at an event commemorating the LG and Opalnet partnership.

Throughout the customer’s entire journey, LG in Kenya is committed to providing the best experience possible with personalized customer care until the very last mile.

Contributed by LG Kenya

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