December 3, 2020

Celebrating World Class Food and Wine Down Under

Chef Darren Robertson and members of his staff preparing fresh Australian dishes for LG’s Connecting Australia campaign

The Australian wine industry has faced some extremely difficult circumstances this year. But despite drought, bushfires and the pandemic, the nation’s winemakers are getting help from their fellow Aussies, who are showing their support by buying more local wine than ever.

A promotional image showing an Australian vineyard to celebrate LG SIGNATURE’s Connecting Australia campaign with Good Pair Days

Always ready to do its part, LG Electronics Australia has been running its Connecting Australia campaign to help highlight local producers and their world-class fare, and showcase the best way to store it all – with LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar.

A celebration of Aussie food and wine culture, and the joy of togetherness, Connecting Australia has seen some of the country’s top wine and culinary experts provide tips on entertaining at home and demonstrate how LG Wine Cellar (available early 2021) will store, protect and preserve both wine and food items to keep them at their mouthwatering best.

Friends take photos during the LG SIGNATURE Home tour with the gorgeous Sydney skyline behind

To kick things off, LG Australia transformed a luxury Sydney property into the LG SIGNATURE Home (take a tour the LG SIGNATURE Home here) furnishing the sophisticated space with the brand’s latest lifestyle innovations. With gorgeous views of the Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge, the home proved the perfect setting for LG SIGNATURE’s aesthetically stunning appliances.

Over the course of three days, Australian key influencers, retailers and media were invited to both in-person and virtual events to learn about the new Wine Cellar and other LG SIGNATURE products, and to enjoy a uniquely Australian food and wine tasting curated by Good Pair Days, Australia’s fastest growing wine distributor, and Darren Robertson, chef and co-owner of several celebrated Sydney dining establishments.

Guests watch on with a glass of wine as the new Wine Cellar and other LG SIGNATURE products are introduced to them

Good Pair Days’ sommelier, Alex Anderson, together with chef Robertson created a menu featuring foods sourced from across Australia, complemented by wines from renowned Australian vineyards. Along with a deliciously decadent taste experience, the two advised the guests on how to create their own perfect pairings at home, and on the importance of proper wine storage.

Chef Darren Robertson and Alex Anderson, Good Pair Days’ sommelier, meet guests at their table during LG’s Connecting Australia campaign

“We are excited to be partnering with LG as they enter the wine cellar market – it’s a game-changer in any modern Australian home,” said Banjo Harris-Plane, co-founder and wine buyer at Good Pair Days. “We are working together on this launch to highlight the importance of storing wines, so they can be experienced the way the winemaker intended.”

Chef Darren Robertson making the finishing touches to his dishes at Australia’s LG SIGNATURE Home

On the partnership with LG and the current situation in Australia, chef Robertson commented, “The Australian food and wine industry needs our support more than ever, so I’m absolutely thrilled to be partnering with LG and Good Pair Days to showcase locally sourced Australian food and wines. Together we are showing how matching exciting food and wines can be easily achieved by the home cook.”


With interstate travel and border restrictions in place, a virtual experience was held to enable content creators and important retailers from across the country to join in and raise a glass to the LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar ahead of its Australian launch.

Images of guests setting up their Good Pair Days box of selected wines and artisan cheeses at home, as they watch the event through their TVs and laptops

In advance of the live streamed event, guests received a Good Pair Days box containing selected wines, and artisan cheeses – made by Australian farmers – from the Mould Cheese Collective.

The event drew great reviews from virtual attendees as well. Geoff Quattromani, a tech journalist and commentator said, “It was so, so, so good. I loved the format, the quality of the live stream, and the wine tasting was a lot of fun.”

Food, travel and lifestyle influencer, Dhanya Samuel noted “If you are passionate about wines, then the new LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar is the perfect buy for you.”

Chef Darren Robertson and co-hosts in the process of filming Australia’s virtual LG SIGNATURE experienceChef Darren Robertson and co-hosts in the process of filming Australia’s virtual LG SIGNATURE experience

Meanwhile, influencer and digital creator, @crrystalised had this to say of LG’s advanced wine storage solution, “I had a little Alice through the looking glass moment last week with this inspired masterpiece. The LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar truly embodies the essence of art.”

Guests make a toast during the Connecting Australia event

In the same way that wine is carefully blended to achieve unique flavors and aromas, LG Electronics Australia used a careful combination of online and physical activities to show off the strengths of the LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar, and to support and celebrate all of the Aussie businesses working hard to create the wines and foods that make life better.

Submitted by LG Australia Staff

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