November 30, 2020

The Perfect Social Distancing Cinema Experience

While many lament the lack of social and entertainment options during this pandemic, one group of consumers that haven’t been very visible is the cinephile. This might be because social distancing offers the perfect opportunity to dim the lights and recline back with a good movie on Netflix. But as many are discovering, the TV experience leaves much to be desired when it comes to recreating that actual cinema experience which many are beginning to crave.

Leave it to LG to come up with the perfect solution.

With its latest CineBeam projector, LG Electronics has created a compelling, compact alternative to the big-screen TV, one that offers impressive picture quality, access to thousands of movie choices through popular streaming apps, and an image size that can genuinely be called “cinematic.” LG CineBeam 4K is also the simplest way to turn a living room – or any room in the house for that matter – into a movie theater, its relatively compact size and exceptionally convenient setup making it one of the easiest projection systems to install and use ever designed.

Able to project sharp, vivid 4K (3,840 x 2,160) images up to 300 inches in diagonal, this projector can transform almost a whole wall into a movie screen, or the ceiling if you prefer to watch from bed. At that scale, you can see every detail in every scene and enjoy watching your favorite actors and actresses in near-life size. But unlike a movie theater, this innovative home solution boasts picture quality that looks just as great with the lights on thanks to LG’s Brightness Optimizer technology and 2,700 ANSI lumens of brightness.

Cinephiles might point out that for a truly authentic movie theater-like experience, it takes more than just a wall-size picture. With Real Cinema Mode turned on, LG CineBeam fully preserves directors’ creative intentions by projecting , the same rate of the original source and how it’s shown in actual cinemas. Meanwhile, LG’s TruMotion ensures movement is rendered fluidly without blur, making action fight scenes and dizzying car chases all the more realistic.

Just as impressive as its picture quality is the sheer convenience and flexibility that CineBeam offers. An ultra-short throw projector, this model can be positioned near the wall or projection screen or anywhere else in the room due to its horizontal and vertical lens shift and 1.6X zoom. And because this LG CineBeam is so easy to transport from room to room and set up in a flash, there’s no need to spend any money or time installing this projector in the ceiling.

The content you love to watch is never far away on LG CineBeam. LG’s user-friendly webOS smart platform provides quick access to major streaming service apps such as Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu, as well as popular sites such as YouTube via the browser.* And there’s always screencasting and wireless mirroring from a laptop or smartphone for more convenient viewing options.

The innovative, portable and extremely easy-to-use LG CineBeam is like having your own personal theater in your home. The difference being that you have the best seat, picture quality is second to none, intermission is any time you like and most importantly, there’s never a line for popcorn.

With LG CineBeam, movie night just got a whole lot better.

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Images simulated to enhance features, may differ from actual use. 

* Services may vary depending on models.


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