February 3, 2020


The LG Styler is placed in a room between two white open wardrobes full of clothes

Frequent trips to the dry cleaners are not only expensive, but time consuming and often difficult to fit into our busy schedules. The ubiquitous doorknob or chair becomes a holding place for clothes that you want to take to get cleaned but put off until you have the time.

Fret no more because LG has created a clever solution to this common problem with the new LG Styler.

A male employee demonstrates the functions of LG Styler to visitors of LG UK's Styler launch event

Ahead of the Styler launch in the U.K., LG hosted an event to introduce the British public to this unique product. Representing a new way to care for clothes and other accessories, the Styler boasts many practical uses and thoughtful features. Content creators and influencers from all over London attended the invite-only event, held at an exclusive club, to learn more about LG’s premium wardrobe management product.

A woman puts her black smart coat inside the LG Styler at the event

Research into British consumer behavior and clothing care revealed strong interest in a product that could clean, dry and disinfect clothes. In the demonstration that followed, the Styler showed off its many capabilities beyond just refreshing clothes, such as sterilizing handbags and even children’s toys. Using powerful steam, items of various types and materials from suits and hats were cleaned, disinfected, deodorized, pressed and dried in a matter of minutes.

A woman pushes a button on the front door display panel of the LG Styler to set it to cleaning mode

The Styler fully refreshed the coat of a guest who was caught in the rain prior to the event, highlighting Gentle Dry mode and LG’s efficient Heat Pump technology. (Rain in London… who knew!?) And to showcase the innovative device’s powerful sanitizing feature, a plush toy was gently and completely refreshed in almost no time at all. “I didn’t expect such an item to have so many uses in the home,” remarked one impressed guest.

A close-up of someone pushing the Refresh button on the LG Styler’s display panel to eliminate germs and bacteria from their clothes

What’s more, with LG’s patented TrueSteam™ technology, the Styler eliminates over 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria found in clothing and toys. The one-of-a-kind appliance can effectively prolong the life of not only clothes but a whole variety of household items.

The LG Styler is positioned next to a luxury leather-upholstered chair at the UK launch event

The Styler continues LG’s tradition of discovering and fulfilling the needs of consumers through technology. As Shelby Deering from Good Housekeeping put it, the Styler is “one of those products that’ll make you wonder how you ever lived without it.”

Writing for Ideal Home, Tamara Kelly noted that, although the premium product doesn’t come cheap, it is hard to “put a price on perfectly pressed clothes with minimal effort,” concluding that “It’s time to step away from the ironing board folks.”

The LG Styler is placed inside a boutique to be displayed alongside lots of fashionable clothing, shoes and accessories

The private event allowed LG to communicate the benefits of the Styler to an educated audience that clearly saw the role such a product could play in the home. A new concept in clothing management, the Styler speaks to LG’s ceaseless innovation and ongoing ability to find ingenious ways to solve everyday problems and make life better. 

LG Styler will be available in the U.K. starting this month.

By LG U.K. Staff

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