December 31, 2019

Brazilians Experience Superiority of OLED TV


How complicated is OLED TV technology, anyway?

To find out, the LG team in São Paulo earlier this month hosted Lab Tech LG, an in-depth session to put LG’s OLED TVs head-to-head against the best the industry had to offer. To prove that beauty is more than skin deep, LG technicians dismantled one of its own OLED TV as well as a leading quantum dot LCD TV. Key components of each TV were revealed and described to the audience of knowledged tech journalists.

Throughout the process, what was clearly apparent was how simple the OLED TV was. Since OLED technology is self-emissive, there is no need for an additional layer of illumination, or backlighting. This stands in stark contrast to LCD TVs which require layers of filters and backlighting, more components to do what OLED can do with a single panel. And it’s this elegant simplicity that allows OLED TVs to be super slim with flexible screens that can be curved or even rolled.


In addition to dissecting the LG OLED TV, other units were disassembled for the audience – LG LCD TV,  LG NanoCell TV and a competing TV technology, quantum dot. Peering inside each TV set allowed the audience to see what actually makes OLED so special. OLED technology’s self-emissive pixels are what deliver perfect blacks and vibrant colors that remain true from any viewing angle. While quantum dot TVs do indeed deliver better picture performance than regular LCDs, they still rely on “zone lighting” which can cause light leakage in dark scenes.


Bruno Martinez, who writes for a leading Brazilian tech website, penned a thorough evaluation of the TV models presented at Lab Tech LG, noting how different OLED and LCD technologies actually were. He posted a video to his Instagram account that included key scenes from the event and a personal thanks to LG for a “sensational experience.”


Impressed and intrigued to see the inner workings of an LG OLED TV for the first time, the participants were encouraged to educate their followers and fans about the different TV technologies currently available today.



By LG Brazil Staff

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