April 18, 2016


LG Friends Online Portal Opens for Business as Company Courts Developers

LG executive vice president Min Kyung-oh giving a presentation at the LG G5 and Friends developers conference

SEOUL, Apr. 18, 2016 — LG Electronics (LG) announced the opening of the LG Friends Online Portal (www.LGFriends.com) in the next phase to expand its open mobile ecosystem. Initially, LG Friends Online Portal will open for business in the United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and South Korea and gradually expand to other target countries.

Once fully operational, certified third party developers will be able to set up shop directly in the LG Friends Online Portal to promote their ideas and products. This portal will also offer a community page where anyone interested in LG G5 and the future of modular smartphones can contribute to the discussion. Visitors will also be able to use the portal to find out where to buy LG Friend products and to receive information on special offers and sweepstakes in their respective locations.

As part of its effort to expand the G5 ecosystem, LG invited over 200 developers to a conference in San Francisco on April 15. At the event, developers were given the opportunity to experience LG G5 and Friends up close and personal and hear presentations from LG executive vice president Min Kyung-oh and vice president Dr. Woo Ram-chan as well as representatives from partners Google and Parrot.

“Our mobile ecosystem is an opportunity for common growth where LG, third party developers and consumers all participate and share in the benefits together,” said Juno Cho, president of LG Electronics and LG Mobile Communications Company. “Expanding the LG mobile ecosystem will be our top priority with G5 and Friends this year as we work earnestly toward delivering a playful mobile experience through a diverse collection of Friends.”

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