September 1, 2011


Combining Market-Leading CINEMA 3D, Connectivity and Picture Quality,
LG Aiming for Global Success with Smarter CINEMA 3D LW980S
A model wearing 3D glasses while posing with the LS980W LG CINEMA 3D TV.
BERLIN, Sep. 1, 2011 –- At IFA 2011, LG Electronics (LG) is presenting the LW980S, a top-of-the-range LED LCD TV that packs LG’s spectacular CINEMA 3D technology and Smart TV functions, and delivers them through the beautifully clear picture of LG’s NANO FULL LED. Taken together, the LW980S’ raft of market-leading features deliver the most convenient, comfortable and smartest 3D TV package available today.
Addressing one of the biggest complaints with other 3D TVs, the LW980S comes with comfortable, lightweight glasses that are affordably priced for large families and groups. Where previous 3D TVs suffered from a lack of  content, the LW980S’ advanced 2D to 3D conversion function guarantees a ready supply of shows and movies in top quality 3D.
The LW980S boasts CINEMA 3D’s smooth 3D picture –- the world’s first to receive a “Flicker-Free” certification from European quality assurance agencies TÜV and Intertek –- meaning viewers can watch 3D for longer periods without the headaches or dizziness that sometimes occurred with older 3D sets. Also, Wide Viewing Angle ensures they can watch the TV from practically any position in front of the TV, whether sitting, leaning back or lying down. Together with the affordable glasses, this makes the LW980S perfect for viewing in larger groups.
With its new, “smarter” CINEMA 3D LW980S, LG has created the complete 3D entertainment package. 3D Video-on-Demand –- available through LG Apps -– does even more to bolster the range of 3D content, ensuring that viewers will never be short of exciting, top-quality content to watch at home. Via the Magic Motion Remote Control, LW980S users get access to all the Premium Content they could want with just a couple of clicks on the mouse-like control. Moreover, Smart Share makes it a cinch to share content between the user’s TV, mobile phone and other digital devices.
The LW980S’ viewing experience is further enhanced by LG’s unique NANO FULL LED lighting technology. Via an extremely thin film printed with minuscule dots, NANO FULL LED disperses light more evenly across the screen, to create brighter, clearer and smoother pictures. TruMotion 400Hz ensures those pictures stay silky smooth, no matter how fast the action.
The LW980S also boasts an ultra-slim bezel that maximises display real estate for a more immersive 3D picture. With such a narrow bezel, the LW980S’ picture draws viewers right into the heart of the action. Its sleek, understated design also makes the LW980S the perfect match for any interior.

LW980S Specifications


  – Comfortable, Lightweight Glasses

  – 2D to 3D Conversion

  – Flicker-Free picture (Intertek / TÜV certified)

  – Wide Viewing Angle/Flexible Viewing Positions

· Smart TV

  – 3D Video-on-Demand

  – Magic Motion Remote Control

  – Premium Content

  – Smart Share

  – Web Browser, LG Apps

  – Skype TM


· TruMotion 400Hz / MCI 1000

· Picture Wizard II (Emotional Picture)

· DivX Plus / HD

· DVR (ES / SW Only)

· Wireless AV Link

· Infinite 3D Sound

· AV Mode

· LED Energy Saving

· Smart Energy Saving Plus

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