June 7, 2024

[World Environment Day with LG๐ŸŒฑ] Inspiring a New Generation of Beekeepers: Living in Harmony With Bees

The honey beeโ€™s impact on the global ecosystem extends far beyond the confines of its hive. Through pollination, bees contribute to the growth of plants, the thriving of habitats and the sustenance of animals. Recognizing the vital role of bees, the United Nations has designated May 20 as World Bee Day. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) supports this initiative, emphasizing that bees pollinate 71 out of the 100 crop species that provide 90 percent of the world’s food.ย 

As a leading corporate citizen committed to combating climate change, LG is dedicated to creating a more sustainable planet through its โ€˜Better Life for Allโ€™ vision. In addition to adhering to local environmental protection policies, LG fulfills its social responsibilities as a global company by preserving local biodiversity and fostering sustainable ecosystems.ย ย ย 

One of LGโ€™s subsidiaries, LG Spain, has been undertaking the โ€˜Smart Green Beesโ€™ project since last year to promote the cultivation and nurturing of plants. This initiative aims to address the declining population of Iberian honey bees (apis melifera), an endangered subspecies that has the potential to pollinate 100 percent of Spainโ€™s flora.ย 

To support the recovery of these ecosystems, Smart Green Bees has introduced new hives and implemented advanced monitoring systems to ensure the well-being of these important animals. Remarkably, the Spanish subsidiary has increased the number of Iberian bees by 3.5 million in just over a year.ย 

LG Germany is also contributing to bee conservation efforts through a social initiative that involves distributing โ€˜insect hotelsโ€™ to employees and social media community. These miniature hotels, made from sustainable local forestry materials like solid wood and natural reeds, are created by individuals with disabilities.ย ย 

Each bee-related environmental project outlined demonstrates how LG and its people are making genuine efforts to address important local environmental issues.

Stay tuned to LG Newsroom to see how LG subsidiaries across the globe are promoting a greener planet for all.ย 

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