November 16, 2023

LG Twins Ends 29-Year Long Wait With Historic Win

A photo of LG Twins players celebrating their win at the Jamsil Stadium in South Korea with a phrase

Regarded as one of the most popular sports in the country, baseball in South Korea is more than just a sport – bringing loyal fans to stadiums who cheer for their choice of ten Korean teams that make up the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO). The KBO season concludes each year with the championship series known globally as the ‘Korean Series.’

A photo of LG Twins players gathering around with a phrase

On November 13, LG, the owner of KBO team LG Twins, celebrated its first Korean Series win in 29 years. Established in 1982 as Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) Chungyong – translated as ‘Blue Dragon’ – the baseball club was acquired by the LG Corporation in 1989, and was subsequently renamed LG Twins. The following year, the Twins won their first Korean Series title and went on to win their second in 1994. And, finally, the 2023 KBO League Season ended Monday night the way it hadn’t for nearly three decades: with the LG Twins as the champions for the third time.

A photo of LG Twins players celebrating their historic win at the final round of Korean Series

To celebrate this historic and iconic win, LG announced it will hold numerous events throughout November for its domestic fans and customers – making up one of the largest fandoms in the league – fully embracing the enduring bravery of the LG Twins players and the unwavering optimism of their fans.

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