September 25, 2023

LG Redefines Sustainability at IFA 2023

LG Booth installed at IFA 2023

Sustainability is key as the demand for energy-saving products and services soars, especially in Europe with the implementation of new and stricter rules to reduce energy consumption. LG is devoted to developing and producing energy efficient products and solutions to ensure Life’s Good for the planet and people living on it.

At this year’s IFA, more than 180,000 people visited the venue to view exhibitions of various companies. As sustainability became one of the big themes of this year’s exhibition, LG Sustainable Village has vital elements of the company’s ESG strategy embedded in its design and construction.

A sideview of LG Smart Cottage installed at IFA 2023

At the booth, visitors were immersed in an installation resembling a forest pathway in nature. Designed and constructed with a minimized number of structural elements and eco-conscious materials, such as recycled fabrics and mesh nets, LG demonstrated a genuine commitment to conserving the environment in every aspect of the village.

A photo of LG Smart Cottage at IFA 2023

Under the theme, ‘Sustainable Life, Joy for All,’ LG presented innovative solutions with ESG elements, featuring 8 different zones showcasing the latest technology in tandem with accessibility and environmental friendliness.

A room inside LG Smart Cottage displayed at IFA 2023

Upon entry, visitors encountered the LG Smart Cottage, a modular home that introduces a new paradigm in living with the integration of LG’s premium appliances and high energy-efficient heating and cooling technologies. Capable of partially self-producing the energy used in the home with solar panels on the roof, the LG Smart Cottage satisfies environmentally conscious customers who are concerned about conventional energy consumption.

Net-Zero House section prepared at LG booth during IFA 2023

The next zone showcased the LG Net-Zero Vision House, which offers all aspects of LG’s home energy management solutions, including the Energy Storage System (ESS). Visitors could learn about the processes the ESS uses for storing and consuming surplus energy produced by the home’s solar panels, and how they can easily control LG’s home appliances and monitor energy storage and consumption levels via the LG ThinQ app.

The LG Pocket Garden at LG booth during IFA 2023

After staying on their feet all day, the LG Pocket Garden provided a space for attendees to recharge while exploring LG’s ESG management initiatives for a Better Life for All. The zone introduced products with designs and patterns in collaboration with Moooi, a Dutch lighting, interior and furniture company.

Enabling visitors to experience the added features of the ultra-personalized smart home solutions from LG ThinQ UP 2.0, the LG ThinQ Home presented a lineup of appliances tailored to consumers’ preferences and lifestyles.

LG Upcycling Workshop prepared at LG booth during IFA 2023

Another well-received zone was the interactive LG Upcycling Workshop, packed with LG’s latest products made with the use of recycled plastics, such as the LG PuriCare Aero Furniture, LG Styler™ ShoeCase and ShoeCare and LG gram.

The zone featured a program where visitors could participate in the ‘plastic knot-making challenge,’ which revolved around using resin pallets collected from recycled plastics at the Chilseo Recycling Center.

The LG Cooking Studio prepared at LG booth during IFA 2023

Under the theme of “Better Culinary Life for All,” the LG Cooking Studio displayed LG’s popular mass premium built-in product line for the first time with the ‘SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE’ lineup, highlighting the aesthetics of built-in appliances.

LG SIGNATURE, The Villa zone, prepared at LG booth during IFA 2023

Dedicating a space for high-end products from LG’s ultra-premium brand, LG SIGNATURE, The Villa zone featured appliances in collaboration with the Italian luxurious furniture brand Molteni&C, such as the LG SIGNATURE OLED M, the world’s first wireless OLED TV, and the Dual InstaView refrigerator. LG SIGNATURE second-generation products, including a washer and dryer with 7-inch LCD touch panels, successfully delivered a differentiated consumer experience that embodied the brand theme, “Live beyond.”

Many people visiting LG MoodUP Forest during IFA 2023

The very last zone at LG’s Sustainable Village was the LG MoodUP Forest, an installation of numerous LG MoodUP™ refrigerators that created the feeling of being surrounded by woods in nature. Captivating attendees with beautiful lights and vivid colors, the refrigerators’ unique door panels created a dynamic atmosphere that served as a perfect photo spot. Unveiled for the first time, LG revealed a two-door MoodUP™ refrigerator with a bottom freezer designed for the European lifestyle.

A photo of Messe Berlin where IFA 2023 took placePhoto credit: IFA Berlin

Stay tuned to see how LG’s cutting-edge innovations presented at IFA 2023 contribute to keeping people and the planet safe and clean!

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