April 26, 2023

[Earth Day With LG ๐ŸŒŽ] Celebrating Earth Day the LG Way: E-Waste Drive and Color Run

Three staff smiling while participating LGโ€™s E-Waste Drive

In celebration of Earth Day in the United States, LG teamed up with Green Chip Recycling to host an E-Waste Drive in New Jersey, providing residents with a safe and responsible way to dispose of electronic waste and support environmental protection. The same weekend, LG also sponsored the YCFL (Youth Council of Fort Lee) Color Run, promoting inclusion and empowerment for persons with disabilities.

People participating LGโ€™s E-Waste Drive

LGโ€™s E-Waste Drive allows customers to responsibly dispose of any unwanted electronics. Stemming from the companyโ€™s greater sustainability commitment, the LG Recycling Program was developed to help preserve energy as recycling prevents re-usable parts from going into landfills, which reduces the need for extraction or production of new materials. In 2022 alone, LG has recycled more than 49 million pounds of CED (Covered Electronic Devices) from desktops and televisions to printers and other electronic equipment.

The photo of LG's North American headquarters located in New Jersey

The drive took place on April 22 at the companyโ€™s North American headquarters located in New Jersey. In addition to the on-site event, past LG customers were able to recycle used products through LGโ€™s mail-back program throughout the country at no cost or at a local drop-off site closest to them.

The photo taken during the YCL Color Run

On the same weekend as the E-Waste Drive, LG also raised awareness and funds for diversity, inclusion and equity among persons with disabilities through the sponsorship of YCFLโ€™s 2023 Color Run for Friends of All Abilities. The Youth Council of Fort Lee is a non-profit organization that consists of incoming 9th graders and high school students residing in Bergen County, who are looking to spur a positive change within the community.

LGโ€™s relationship with the YCFL goes back several years starting in 2018 when LG first donated custom-designed recycling bins to be placed throughout popular areas in Fort Lee including the Fort Lee Public Library, Fort Lee High School, Community Center and Main Street area. LG has since continued to support this YCFL program and others.

The LG Inspiration Lab installed at the color run kick-off event

The YCFL Color run was held at the Fort Lee Community Center on April 22. The color run kick-off event took place on April 21, where participants were able to pick up their badges and experience the LG Inspiration Lab, an interactive educational experience designed to promote STEAM learning in a fun way for K-8th grade students and inspire future innovators through LGโ€™s technology.

A photo of YCL Color Run participants posing together

LG is dedicated to making a positive impact on communities worldwide and will continue to raise awareness of responsible recycling, diversity and inclusion through various community events and initiatives.

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