January 10, 2023

Bringing a Smile to Everyone’s Face at CES 2023

A side view of the LG Better Life for All zone at CES 2023 and LG CLOi Bot displaying Reah Keem

Last week, the CES floor was packed to capacity with thousands of visitors excited to see the latest innovations in consumer electronics.

A visitor at LG Booth getting some help from LG CLOi GuideBot

As LG is constantly challenging itself to go the extra mile to make its vision for a Better Life for All as reality, under the theme of Life’s Good, it was able to introduce its newest customer-centered technologies and products at its CES booth for every single visitor, regardless of inherited abilities, to experience and enjoy.

A livestreaming of LG's press conference at CES 2023, where two people are introducing LG OLED T for the first time. There is a small screen on the right bottom corner where Edward Tory Jarmailo, a sign language interpreter, is providing ASL interpretation for the event

Staying true to the company’s commitment and vision to boost accessibility for all, the company has actively started incorporating measures to increase accessibility this year. This commitment was on full display during LG’s press conference, which was streamed live on January 4, with a sign language interpreter displayed in the bottom right corner to allow its hearing-impaired viewers to follow along at home or wherever they may have been.

Edward Tory Jarmailo, a sign language interpreter, providing an assistance to visiotors with hearing disabilities
Edward Tory Jarmailo, a sign language interpreter

Not only that, LG’s accessibility efforts stood out above and beyond at the on-site booth as well, with the company inviting Edward Tory Jarmailo, a sign language interpreter, on site to provide ASL interpretation for attendees with hearing problems in person.

A visitor looking at the display installed at the LG Better Life for All zone during CES 2023

Moreover, in the Better Life for All zone, informational materials were provided in braille for those with visual impairments and placed at a height that enables easy reading for people using wheelchairs.

Edward Tory Jarmailo, a sign language interpreter, having an ASL conversation with visitors at LG booth during CES 2023

Visitors with visual and hearing impairments weren’t shy about expressing their appreciation for the various accessibility features LG provided at its expansive booth. “It was amazing to see so many positive reactions during my time working in LG’s CES booth. I remember one visitor coming to our booth for a second time, but this time with a friend,” said Mr. Jarmailo. “I’m always delighted to play my part in promoting a new level of accessibility with LG, a brand that puts equal importance on every individual’s experience at large trade shows like CES, and we can see these efforts reflected in their products and services too.”

A closeup photo of LG CLOi GuideBot at the LG Better Life for All zone at CES 2023 displaying Reah Keem on screen
LG CLOi GuideBot, which is programmed to deliver digital-human sign language service

The company successfully demonstrated how warmth and positivity can be spread through the power of technology, as it continues to put a smile on the faces of customers of all abilities. And there’s a lot more to come, so stay tuned to LG Newsroom to follow LG’s journey to creating a Better Life for All.

A face-on shot of the LG Better Life for All zone at CES 2023, consisting of three display sections: Our Commitment, For People, and For the Planet. (from left to right)

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