September 29, 2022

A Mission to Raise Hygiene Awareness in Indonesia

Putting on a fresh, clean set of clothes in the morning not only feels and smells great, but it also protects us from disease so that we can live healthier, happier lives. It may seem simple, but not everyone in Indonesia fully understands the importance of cleaning clothes regularly. Since garments can carry various diseases when bacteria builds up and fleas thrive, raising the public’s awareness of hygiene issues is an easy way to instantly improve the quality of life of those living in underprivileged communities.

LG's truck equipped with LG washers and dryers for Mencuci Sehat Bersama LG

To put their words into action, LG Indonesia recently set up a hygiene initiative called Mencuci Sehat Bersama LG – LG Healthy Laundry Day in English – providing the opportunity for some of the most underprivileged communities in the country to use washers and dryers, which they may not have easy access to. And, as the region was facing a rainy season, it was even more important for locals to have access to laundry services in the absence of clean water.

Thanks to LG’s flagship washing machines and dryers, participants could wash their clothes at no cost to them. LG Indonesia also partnered with Palang Merah Indonesia – the Indonesian Red Cross ­– to provide an educational hygiene class that taught communities about the endless benefits of living a cleaner and healthier lifestyle, and how they could achieve this. Recently held for a period of four days, attendees learned how to use clean water wisely for washing as well as doing other household chores.

LG Staff demonstrating how to use LG washer and dryer installed on a truck

LG Indonesia sent the initiative around other areas of Greater Jakarta in need of help, setting up in the fields of Flamboyan in Lenteng Agung, the East Jakarta Post Office, the Ivogas Volleyball Field in Depok and South Tangerang. Because of the program, LG Indonesia helped clean tens of kilos of dirty laundry quickly courtesy of the company’s advanced washing machine technology.

LG staff posing in front of the LG truck for the LG Lebaran Sehat event

This program was part of the company’s social action project, LG Loves Indonesia, under which LG Indonesia aims to promote better, more inclusive education and health sectors for its local communities. Earlier this year, with its LG Lebaran Sehat event, the company served healthy food to communities around Jakarta’s landfills while providing health workers with innovative LG wearable air purifiers.

LG Indonesia will continue to make life good for people from all walks of life, especially those growing up and living in underprivileged communities, through innovative products and inclusive social activities that enhance the quality of life.

Contributed by LG Indonesia

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