January 11, 2022

Virtual Artist Reah Keem Ready to Take the Stage

Virtual artist Reah Keem recording a song in the studio.

LG’s virtual personality Reah Keem became the first virtual artist in Korea to sign a deal with an agency, a possible look at what’s around the corner in entertainment as virtual and physical worlds collide.

Reah Keem posing with Korean singer-songwriter Yoon Jong-shin.

Reah will be making her debut as a singer under the MYSTIC STORY label, an entertainment company in South Korea. Established by singer-songwriter Yoon Jong-shin in 2011, MYSTIC STORY is actively involved in creating compelling content with musicians and actors for every type of platform.

Reah Keem taking an LG Omnipod passenger through a fitness routine via the futuristic vehicle’s expansive display.

Since Reah was first introduced to the public at CES 2021, she has continued to remain active on Instagram, sharing content with fans and performing her own musical compositions. Under the tutelage of MYSTIC STORY, Reah will take part in a new project led by founder and executive producer Yoon to showcase Reah’s distinctive voice.

Reah Keem editing her music on a computer.

“Singing about universal themes such as love, acceptance and unity is what I want to focus on,” said Reah. “In the near future I’d love to work with various artists in fashion and visual arts to broaden the style of content for my fans to enjoy. The opportunities as a virtual artist are endless.”

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