November 29, 2021

Jackson Tisi and Young Artists Deliver Message of Hope

A promotional image for the Life's Good Film campaign with various photos of people doing outdoor activities

Hopes and aspirations for a good life are universal desires. However, defining what constitutes a good life differs from person to person, culture to culture – there’s just no limit to the myriad of possibilities that brings a ray of light into our lives. This is why LG joined forces with up-and-coming director Jackson Tisi and budding artists around the globe for its Life’s Good Film Project. After all, there’s no better medium than the artistic voice of young souls to explore the multifaceted perspectives that shape our world and the future.

Life's Good Film with Jackson Tisi

This year, LG called on 531 young auteurs from 33 countries to capture the peoples, cultures and landscapes around the world that highlight the good in life. Tisi led the way with his exceptional creative vision, weaving the clips together into a vibrant 20-minute documentary short. The impactful collaboration was shaped around LG’s optimistic message, Life’s Good, but the story is told in the voice of the young visionaries through the lens of their own unique and powerful experiences, delivering a colorful variety to the project both in terms of subject matter and aesthetic visuals.

The images of the official certificates from Indie Short Fest and Dreamachine International Film Festival placed side by side 

The film delves into the multitude conditions of the human existence within six chapters that embody a unique element of a good life – from the beauty of nature, the vitality of physical movement, personal growth nurtured in times of solitude to the togetherness and warmth of a close-knit community. The final chapter depicts today’s young generation united in celebration of life, eloquently bringing the film to a close. This emotionally uplifting message – and the amazing depth and range of visual sensations that it accompanies – was lauded by several film industry outlets.

Eight different logos of the Arpa International Film Festival, the Oregon Documentary Film Festival, Creation International Film Festival, the Indie Short Fest, the Dreamachine International Film Festival, Toronto Independent Film Festival, New York International Film Awards and the San Francisco Indie Short Festival

The Life’s Good Film, delivering LG’s brand message, but also gaining sympathy from all around the world in the creative and sophisticated manners, was named a winning entry in well-established film festivals such as the Indie Short Fest and the Dreamachine International Film Festival. The New York International Film Awards and Toronto Independent Film Festival nominated the entry as a finalist and the San Francisco Indie Short Festival named it second-finalist, a rare feat among brand collaboration films. The much-praised film will be reaching a wider public audience with official screenings at the Arpa International Film Festival, Creation International Film Festival, and the Oregon Documentary Film Festival in the coming weeks.

2021 Life’s Good Film Project with Jackson Tisi. Life’s Good Film Poster with Film Festival Awards

“LG hopes to bring a better tomorrow to everyone, especially for the benefit of the younger generation,” said Lee Jeong-seok, head of LG’s Global Marketing Center. “We will continue to spread our iconic brand narrative by empowering tomorrow’s leaders and storytellers as the messengers.”

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