May 24, 2021

Ginormous 3D Artwork Celebrates the Intersection of Art and Technology

A man taking a picture of LG's massive, high-definition digital billboard in Time Square, New York displaying the artwork of David McLeod

New Yorkers and Londoners in Times Square and Piccadilly Circus are being treated to an immersive 3D art experience displayed on LG’s massive, high-definition digital billboards in the two international cities. The 75-second video showcase is a stunning 3D work of art that celebrates the relationship between art and technology, the connection that lies at the heart of LG SIGNATURE’s core philosophy, Art Inspires Technology, Technology Completes Art.

A close-up photo of LG's digital billboard in Piccadilly Circus, London with an animation representing LG SIGNATURE Wine Celler

Titled Art Revolution, the exclusive artwork by David McLeod represents the ongoing evolution of LG SIGNATURE products and the seamless convergence of advanced technology and striking design that has come to define the premium brand. Designed to captivate all passersby, the electronic billboards fill up with animated, three-dimensional bubbles that flow playfully through LG SIGNATURE’s premium products before escaping the constraints of the gigantic screens and floating weightlessly into the sky.

LG's digital billboard in Time Square, New York displaying an animation for LG SIGNATURE OLED Z representing the infinite and rich color of the product

The innovative artwork draws inspiration from each of the brand’s distinctive products, expressing their unique advantages through dynamic, abstract images. For example, the animation for LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator symbolizes the product’s connection to fresh foods and the art for LG Washing Machine focuses on clothing and fabric care. Plump grapes illustrate the function of the Wine Cellar while LG’s brilliant OLED TV is represented by infinite, rich colors.

Photo Credit: David McLeod

The visually arresting art is the work of Australian artist and 3D illustrator, David McLeod. Known for his multi-disciplinary approach, McLeod began his career designing websites and digital ad campaigns before becoming an in-demand 3D artist. Art and technology played a key role in this transition, as the rapid development of technology in the 3D space enabling David to take his art to a whole new level. Throughout his career, McLeod has always focused on his audience’s emotional response to texture and motion, translating these elements into his own visual language.

LG's digital billboard in Time Square, New York displaying an animation of plump grapes representing the function of LG SIGNATURE Wine Celler

By seamlessly bringing together art and technology, LG SIGNATURE continues to break new ground with its innovative, luxury lifestyle solutions, embodying the brand’s Art of Essence vision.

LG's digital billboard in Piccadilly Circus, London displaying an animation representing the function of LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator

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