December 11, 2020

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Live More Responsibly, More Efficiently

A family of three do the housework in a room filled with LG home appliances, including the LG AI DD Washing Machine

With people spending more time than ever at home this year, residential energy usage in the United States has skyrocketed by nearly 10 percent.1 While this increase might not come as a surprise, that doesn’t make the monthly electricity bill any easier to swallow. So this might be a good time to evaluate the efficiency of our appliances as well as our lifestyles.

An essential part of our daily existence, home appliances can hold the key to how little, or how much, a household spends on utilities. Products bearing the ENERGY STAR® certification mark can make the biggest difference in this area, as they’re proven to work without placing exorbitant demands on power. Named a 2020 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), LG home appliances can go a long way toward living more responsibly during these challenging times.2

A woman interacts with her dog as she opens the door of her LG WashTower

Both Energy and Space-efficient

For a household, washing and drying clothes is a weekly necessity that can cause the power – and water – meter to work overtime. LG WashTower, which combines a separate washer and dryer in a single unit, delivers maximum efficiency not only where electricity and water are concerned, but also with regards to space. Its Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive™ (AI DD™) detects the weight of clothing and fabric texture, then customizes the wash cycle and dry temperature accordingly to ensure the best results, effectively reducing wash time. And ENERGY STAR compliance helps consumers save money while helping the planet, using 25 percent less energy and 33 percent less water than traditional models.3

 A close-up of someone using the LG ThinQ app to control and monitor the LG WashTower shown in the background

There’s also the benefit of time efficiency offered by the ThinQ app for smartphones, which lets users control and monitor their laundry from any room in and outside the home. No need to physically check if the wash is done, as the WashTower can send real-time status updates and notification via the app.

LG’s DUAL Inverter Compressor™ Air Conditioner saving up to 70% of energy consumption

Keeping Cool Efficiently

With homes occupied around the clock, air conditioners in warmer climates are running overtime. LG’s DUAL Inverter Compressor™ Air Conditioner delivers a cooling performance that is as efficient as it is powerful, keeping residents cool without the accompanying huge electricity bill. The Dual Inverter Compressor constantly adjusts a compressor’s speed to maintain desired temperature levels without wasting electricity and operates at a lower speed with more stability. This innovative technology uses up to 70 percent less electricity and cools up to 40 percent faster than most non-inverter residential models.4

 An image of the LG Dual Inverter Compressor inside LG's air conditioners which helps them cool faster, last longer, and run quieter

Thanks to LG Active Energy Control, users can adjust the energy consumption in three options – 40 percent, 60 percent, 80 percent with just a touch of a button on the remote control. What’s more, LG’s advanced compressor and a unique skew fan design ensure quiet operation that won’t distract or disturb those in the room, whether they’re working, studying or sleeping.

 A mother watches on as her daughter uses LG CordZero A9 to vacuum the living room sofa

Lower Carbon and Water Footprint

In addition to being energy efficient, many of LG’s appliances have earned Carbon Trust Footprint Label and Water Footprint Certification, indicating that they can reduce household carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and water usage. LG CordZero A9 Stick Vacuum is the first vacuum cleaner in the world to carry the Carbon Trust Footprint Label. In addition to minimizing carbon emissions, it boasts a 5-step filtration system that eliminates 99.9 percent5 of the fine dust particles and dirt that typically escape during operation to ensure a cleaner, more hygienic home.

An image showing the innovative parts of LG CordZero A9, which enable its filtered 5-step fine dust blocking system, coming together to form a whole

At the heart of the LG CordZero A9 is the energy efficient yet powerful Smart Inverter Motor™, which generates 140AW of suction to keep all types of floors free from dust, dirt and hair. The versatile product can even be transformed into a handheld vacuum and comes with various accessories including the crevice tool, Power Punch nozzle, Power Drive Mop™, and combination tool, which can be used as a brush, hard nozzle, or mop depending on what is needed.

The logos of LG and ENERGY STAR’s award for 2020 Partner of the Year through sustained excellence

ENERGY STAR recognition is proof of LG’s continued leadership in protecting the environment through high-performing, energy efficient products loved by millions of consumers across the country. With LG’s products, anyone can achieve significant energy savings while helping the planet… and one’s wallet.

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4 Based on TÜV Rheinland testing according to internal test methods comparing cooling time and power consumption. Test conducted in a chamber of 69 m3 (4.3 x 7.0 x 2.3m) at a temperature of 33 degrees Celsius with a relative humidity of 60 percent using air conditioners DUAL Inverter Compressor (model US-Q242Kxy0) and constant speed compressor (model TS-H2465DA0). Energy savings is measured by comparing the power consumption of two models during 8 hours of operation. Faster cooling is measured by the time it takes to cool down the chamber from at a temperature of 33 degrees Celsius to 26.5 degrees.
5 Based on testing performed by SLG Prüf- und Zertifizierungs GmbH on April 24, 2018.


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