September 14, 2020


British actress Naomie Harris shown attending LG SIGNATURE’s Goodwood event in an article on the MailOnline’s TV and Showbiz section

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Horse racing is an English tradition that goes back much further than the British people’s love of tea and crumpets. The first race likely took place on English soil as early as 200 AD, during the Roman era. Today, horse racing is as popular in England as it ever was but the unusual circumstances of 2020 have forced the sport to undergo some changes.

Horses racing at the Qatar Goodwood Festival, which was held in the south of England

This year’s Qatar Goodwood Festival, an annual summer horse race in the south of England, took place without live spectators for the first time in its storied history. To recreate some of the fun and excitement of the track without actually being there, LG SIGNATURE hosted a special event for a select group of storytellers. The exclusive affair was held in a private lounge at The Kennels, a sporting club on the Goodwood Estate, and offered a unique, fully-catered experience with a backdrop of LG’s most premium appliances.

Two attendees to the LG SIGNATURE Goodwood races event check out the LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar while testing its InstaView feature by knocking on its glass panel

Guests included British actress Naomie Harris, chef and model Isaac Carew and influencer Hermione Olivia, each hosting a day with LG SIGNATURE. In the refined surroundings of The Kennels, attendees watched the races live on a breathtaking LG SIGNATURE 77-inch OLED TV while enjoying fine wine chilled to perfection in LG’s Wine Cellar and canapés served fresh from the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator. Goodwood’s very own tipster was on hand to help the guests place bets on the races, with all winnings donated to Shooting Star Children’s Hospices.

Three male attendees of SIGNATURE’s Goodwood event take a closer look at the clear, vivid imagery provided by the LG SIGNATURE 77-inch OLED TV

With the track closed to all but jockeys, trainers, essential staff and broadcasting personnel, LG SIGNATURE was a very visible presence at the prestigious event. On the final day of the meet, the LG SIGNATURE Apprentice Handicap Stakes was broadcast live on Racing TV, LG’s prominent branding and all.

A winning jockey from the Qatar Goodwood Festival is presented with a glass trophy and a bottle of champagne in front of an LG SIGNATURE-branded sign

LG SIGNATURE also arranged a private tour of Goodwood House, seat of the Duke of Richmond, with guests partaking in the traditional race week portrait on the front steps of the historic estate, socially distanced, of course. The tradition dates back to the 1800s, with photos regularly featuring royalty such as King Edward VII and other notables of English society. On the third day of this year’s event, LG guests were joined by the Duke of Richmond himself for a truly unforgettable group portrait.

Stylish models try to recreate an iconic photo from the 1800s on the front steps of Goodwood House

Laura Normanton, executive editor at House & Garden magazine, enjoyed the entire experience provided by LG SIGNATURE and was extremely enamored of the Wine Cellar, calling it “the chicest thing ever” while host Hermione Olivia admitted to having eyes for the ZX OLED TV: “I need it for my dream home one day!”

Sophia Charalambous from the Mayfair Times commented, “COVID-19 tried its best to scupper an exciting day at the races, but thanks to LG SIGNATURE, that didn’t happen. We were able to watch all the races from the comfort of The Kennels. Recreating an old photograph on the steps of Goodwood House with fellow guests topped off a fantastic day.”

At a time when most sports clubs are struggling to stay relevant, LG’s support for a celebrated English tradition during trying times delivered an experience to remember for lucky guests. Not only were LG SIGNATURE products perfectly at home in the premium environs of the Goodwood Estate, the special guests who were invited experienced something quite special while staying safe. 

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