June 8, 2020


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While the current global health crisis has brought much of the world’s trade and commerce to a standstill, it has also had a very serious impact on some of society’s more vulnerable groups, leaving them faced with a daily struggle to get by. Hospitals are under immense strain as they seek to tend to the needy under the most challenging of circumstances. When the pandemic struck, local LG teams in Spain, India and Thailand sprang into action to support local NGOs and frontline workers to get the appropriate assistance to where it was needed most. 


Medical workers posing with LG Smartphones

In Spain, doctors and nurses working hard at Madrid’s hospitals to help those that have fallen ill recognized a problem: most elderly patients affected by the virus had no means of connecting with their families. Just 48 hours after the healthcare workers put out a call for help, LG Spain responded, delivering 500 disinfected, fully-charged and call-ready LG smartphones to the city’s hospitals, enabling many thankful patients to talk with their children, grandchildren and friends for the first time in weeks.

LG OLED TVs being loaded into the back of a van

LG Spain also outfitted an emergency mobile hospital – established by the Ministry of Health to help cope with the high number of cases in Madrid – with several LG OLED TVs so those isolated there could keep up with the news and updates from government health officials.

A man using the LG gram next to a mug displaying the Save the Children organization logo

What’s more, LG Spain donated a number of new LG gram laptops to the Save the Children organization to enable staff to stay connected via video calls with at-risk youngsters to assist them with schoolwork and other matters during the lockdown.


The Akshaya Patra Foundation, an Indian NGO, providing food for those in need

In India, due to the national lockdown, a large number of migrant laborers and daily-wage workers have been forced to survive without their regular employment to sustain them. Teaming up with Akshaya Patra Foundation, a prominent Indian NGO, LG India has been helping to get them the nutritious meals they are currently unable to afford. To date, LG has served over one million meals throughout the country.

The front shot of a banner reading “Let’s Aim to Feed those in Need”

LG has also donated 32,050 kilograms of dry rations to a community kitchen located near the company’s Greater Noida manufacturing plant, helping to feed many local families who are attempting to cope with the loss of their livelihoods.

A man and woman in India gifting LG products to others

What’s more, LG India is gifting 2,369 water purifiers, air conditioners, refrigerators, microwave ovens, medical monitors and TVs to more than 326 hospitals nationwide to support medical staff and patients dealing with the very real effects of the pandemic. Other frontline responders who have been critical in not only keeping people safe but in helping to distribute resources are India’s police, the recipients of 85,000 new face shields courtesy of LG India.

A picture of two medical workers posing in front of the LG PuriCare water purifier that has been donated to medical staff and patients


Three medical workers showing their gratitude in front of an LG PuriCare air purifier

In Thailand, LG presented a generous quantity of LG PuriCare air purifiers (LG PuriCare 360° Single, Double and Mini models) to the Bamrasnaradura Infectious Diseases Institute and Siriraj Hospital. Employing cutting-edge filters, the air purifiers are helping to keep the air inside both facilities clean, removing certain potentially harmful substances from the air including minute particulate matter.

LG representatives having a conversation while wearing masks

In Spain, India, Thailand, and in many other countries around the world, LG is doing what it can to give back to the community it serves. Whether it’s feeding the hungry, connecting children to parents or supporting the medical workers who put themselves in harm’s way every day, LG is proud to do its small part for the global community to illustrate what it has always done – put people first.

By LG Spain, India and Thailand Staff

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