November 22, 2019


LG’s commercial displays show four brand logos including LG Electronics and Topgolf Entertainment Group on their screens.

The global sports and entertainment community Topgolf Entertainment Group is enhancing the entertainment experience for millions of patrons with the installation of more than 10,000 advanced commercial displays from LG Electronics in more than 50 Topgolf venues in the United States.

A golfer hits a tee shot as friends watch while sat on the couch at a Topgolf venue.

In one of the world’s biggest and most impactful integrations of digital signage technology, key technology partners brought to life a flexible new platform that is changing the face of automated technology in large entertainment venues.

Wide-angle view of a Topgolf venue which uses LG’s commercial digital signage solutions to display information.

To transition Topgolf venues worldwide from simple consumer TVs to immersive commercial displays, LG Business Solutions USA joined forces with AV control software leader SAVI Controls and Topgolf’s systems integrator Diem Digital.

A man holds up a SAVI Canvas tablet to remotely manage the information displayed on LG’s commercial digital signage solutions.

Complementing the advanced LG screens is a new solution called SAVI Canvas, which gives Topgolf a unique tri-pane video solution to display broadcast and satellite programs, Topgolf TV, marketing messaging and custom content from its gaming systems, including Toptracer.

Another image in which a man holds up a SAVI Canvas tablet to remotely manage the information displayed on LG’s commercial digital signage solutions.

The system combines the power of SAVI with LG’s award-winning webOS platform to enable Topgolf to control, manage and deliver content to displays over a single network cable. Integration of the LG displays and SAVI Canvas enables Topgolf to manage displays remotely, significantly reduce the failure rate of previous consumer displays and decrease the amount of labor time required for support.

A far shot of one of Topgolf venues which shows visual content on LG’s commercial digital signage solutions.

“This is a game-changer for the digital experience at Topgolf venues,” says Topgolf Chief Technology Officer Andrew Macaulay. “Our special blend of technology and entertainment connects communities of fans, allowing them to experience the best our technology has to offer. This platform will enable Topgolf to meet business goals while also achieving high standards of performance and aesthetics.”

A far shot of a Topgolf venue’s entrance

Enhancements like this tie back to Topgolf’s overall goal of creating moments that matter for guests with the best entertainment options, says Macaulay, adding: “Topgolf continues to expand to new games that are currently in beta testing and development thanks to the innovation brought about collectively by LG, SAVI Controls and others.”

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