April 5, 2013


New Interactive Smart TV App Lets Young Learners Become

Part of Beloved Children’s Stories and Songs

Alice in Wonderland is presented on an LG TV’s screen via LG’s children-friendly Smart TV app, Avatarbook.

SEOUL, Apr. 5, 2013 ㅡ LG Electronics (LG) announces the launch of its latest children-friendly Smart TV app, Avatarbook, an easy-to-use application that puts kids right in the middle of their favorite stories and songs. Children can enjoy seeing themselves onscreen as the main characters in animated versions of classics such as Aladdin, Pinocchio and Alice in Wonderland. Aside from creating smiles and laughter, Avatarbook is a great way for young learners to engage more directly with age-appropriate literature and music.

“Avatarbook is part of LG’s commitment to bringing child-friendly, interactive educational apps to its Smart TV platform” said Richard Choi, senior vice president of the Smart Business Center at LG Electronics. “As a medium, Smart TV has unlimited potential to really engage young learners in new and compelling ways. As a leading Smart TV manufacturer, we believe strongly the need to develop unique applications that the entire family can enjoy.”

To become part of an exciting tale or happy tune on Avatarbook is an easy process that most children will be able to perform by themselves. First, they make their choice from a selection of 10 fun songs or five classic children’s stories. Second, they take a self portrait using the LG Smart TV’s built-in camera. Kids can choose from 20 different hairstyles and also alter the size, shape and contrast of their new avatar’s face. Finally, it’s time to experience the fun of appearing onscreen as a cute animated storybook or song character.


Avatarbook will be available from the LG App Store starting this month, and will be periodically updated with new content.1



1 Compatible with LG’s premium, camera-equipped 2013 Smart TV models.

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