May 27, 2011


Linear Compressor Keeps Energy Consumption to a Minimum,
Bumper-Sized Capacity and Well-Designed Inner Space Offer Greater Convenience

Seoul, May 27, 2011 — LG Electronics (LG) is continuing its long-standing commitment to improving energy efficiency with its new 385-liter bottom-freezer and 614-liter side-by-side refrigerator, the first freezer and fridge, respectively, to receive an A+++1 and A++2 energy ranking in the EU. With energy savings made possible by LG’s unique Linear Compressor Technology, the appliances also boast some of the largest inner capacities in the industry.

The Linear Compressor works in conjunction with a smart inner structure and thinner insulation to maximize space in the bottom-freezer and side-by-side fridge — indeed, the bottom-freezer has the largest capacity of any freezer in its class. Providing a larger, more organized space for consumers to store their food, the new refrigerator allows more room for groceries, meaning fewer trips to the supermarket.

“Receiving these energy ratings was a major achievement for us, and a big step forward for the home appliance industry on the whole,” said Young-ha Lee, President and CEO of LG Home Appliance Company. “It demonstrates exactly where we are headed with all our refrigerator models for 2011 — constant improvements in energy consumption, along with smart savings in efficiency, space and accessibility.”

A+++ Large Capacity Bottom-Freezer: Smart Savings, Durability and Design Excellence

Thanks to LG’s unique Linear Compressor, the bottom-freezer keeps the interior temperature steady — leaving food as fresh as it was in the grocery store — while using up to 50 percent less energy than previous A+ rated bottom-freezers. This improved energy efficiency translates into savings of as much as 60 euros a year3 compared with A rated refrigerators, and up to 93kg of annual reductions in CO2 emissions. In addition, by incorporating LG’s latest spiral-fin heat exchanger, the bottom-freezer significantly improves heat exchange and keeps the fridge temperature even and cool in a more efficient manner.

Fewer friction points — one instead of the four in conventional compressors — work to significantly reduce noise levels. This enhances the product’s durability, allowing LG to offer a 10-year warranty on the Linear Compressor motor.4 Additionally, the bottom-freezer’s design was honored with an iF Design Award and a Red Dot Design Award this year.

A++ Side-by-Side Refrigerator: Providing Even Greater Energy Savings

In addition to its Linear Compressor, the new side-by-side refrigerator incorporates a range of smart and innovative LG technologies to improve energy efficiency. In 2010, LG received an A++ rating for its dispenser-equipped side-by-side refrigerator, the first time such an appliance had received this rating in the EU. LG’s new side-by-side refrigerator has this year added a Home-Bar feature on top of the dispenser, while maintaining the A++ rating for energy consumption.

The innovative Slim Door Mounted Ice Maker saves space by providing a compact indoor ice maker. This has allowed for a higher volume of usable inner space without increasing the overall size of the refrigerator or decreasing energy efficiency. LG also offers a 10-year warranty on the Linear Compressor motor.

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1 LG’s new bottom-freezer refrigerators achieved an A+++ rating according to the EU Energy Label, a first in the EU among refrigerators with a capacity of over 350 liters.
2 LG’s new side-by-side refrigerator achieved an A++ rating according to the EU Energy Label, making it the first side-by-side refrigerator in the EU equipped with both a dispenser and a Home-Bar to receive this rating.
3 Based on average electricity usage in German households
4 Offer only applies to linear compressors purchased after October 29, 2009, in Korea, or after December 1, 2009, in other countries (noise levels will not normally be considered a valid reason for exchange or refund).


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