March 16, 2011


Big Cuts in CO2 Made Possible by Green Technologies and Energy Efficient Products

SEOUL, Mar. 16, 2011 — LG Electronics (LG) announced today that it is on track to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by almost 14 million tons this year, up from its previous record of 12.9 million tons last year. With this revised forecast, LG is aiming to achieve its goal of 200 million tons of cumulative reductions from 2009 through 2020.
As part of its “Green 2020” master plan for green growth and sustainable management, LG has been reducing greenhouse gases not only through improved manufacturing processes, but also through better logistics and energy-efficient products that bring significant reductions in CO2 at the end-use stage.
LG’s plan involves cutting greenhouse gas emissions in manufacturing processes, facilities, operations and energy management. Through better management of facilities – more efficient use of humidifiers, replacing old water-heating systems and air conditioners, reusing waste by-products — LG expects to make further reductions in its greenhouse gas emissions.
LG has achieved the majority of its energy savings by improving efficiency in its consumer products. The greatest reductions have come from energy-efficient LED TVs and air conditioners, as well as expanding the use of LG’s greener refrigerators and washing machines. This year LG will build on that success with an even greater focus on energy-efficient consumer technologies, as it aims to cut greenhouse gases by a further 8 percent.
“Our aggressive push into green technologies is what made this achievement possible,” said Dr. Skott Ahn, President and Chief Technology Officer of LG Electronics. “We’re confident we can reach our ultimate goal of 200 million tons earlier than expected while  continuing to deliver real improvements in people’s lives wherever LG has a presence.”
LG is also looking to make significant cuts in greenhouse gas emissions by streamlining its logistics. To this end, LG will extend its greenhouse gas management system to cover shipments and deliveries processes, including the fuel consumption of delivery vehicles and the emissions of its warehouses.
In addition, employee suggestions on how to use facilities more efficiently resulted in 50,000 tons of emissions reductions last year. LG will continue its efforts to encourage partners and suppliers to run cleaner operations by identifying and enacting innovative practices to cut back on waste and energy use.
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