LG Offers One-Stop Laundry Solution With New Second-Gen LG SIGNATURE Washer-Dryer at IFA 2023

User-Friendly New Model Delivers Complete, Hassle-Free Laundry Experience

The new LG SIGNATURE Washer-Dryer with Heat Pump

SEOUL, Aug. 21, 2023 — LG Electronics (LG) is introducing the latest addition to its second-generation LG SIGNATURE lineup, the new Washer-Dryer with Heat Pump, at IFA 2023. Leveraging LG’s advanced heat pump technology, the new, space-efficient appliance delivers an effective washing and drying performance, gentle clothing care and an unparalleled one-stop laundry experience.

The stylish 27-inch Washer-Dryer with Heat Pump features LG SIGNATURE’s seamless, elegant design, and boasts ample room for getting clothes clean and dry with a 25-kg washing capacity, and 13-kg for drying. A genuine space-saver with a large capacity, LG’s washer-dryer also integrates the innovative TWINWash™ feature, a small washer located below the main drum that’s ideal for cleaning delicates or daily workout gear. The ability to wash and dry makes the company’s new all-in-one model especially suitable for homes and apartments where space is at a premium, and responds to the call from many consumers for a laundry solution that saves both time and space.

A one-stop laundry solution, the LG SIGNATURE Washer-Dryer streamlines the user experience, providing intuitive ‘single touch’ control. Its AI-powered laundry and drying course detects fabric types and load size, as well as the presence of residual moisture, automatically applying the optimal settings for the best washing and drying results. Conveniently, the drying process begins as soon as the washing cycle has concluded, reducing operation time. This level of automation means users can spend less time doing the laundry and more time doing the things they love.

LG’s innovative, new appliance employs the company’s own inverter heat pump drying module to significantly reduce drying times and maximize energy efficiency. And thanks to 6 Motion™ AI Direct Drive technology, the washer-dryer also intelligently optimizes drying performance and minimizes fabric damage for each and every load.

The company’s new combination washer and dryer further enhances ease of use with a range of thoughtfully applied smart features. The appliance’s smart touch door and voice recognition capabilities, for example, allow users to turn on the machine and open its door with practically no effort at all. They can also use voice commands to set the washing or drying cycle, while the washing machine itself can verbally update users on the status of their laundry. Moreover, the LG SIGNATURE Washer-Dryer’s bright, seven-inch LCD display provides easy control of features and settings, and gives users access to any new cycles they’ve downloaded via the ThinQ app.

“The LG SIGNATURE Washer-Dryer with Heat Pump is an advanced, all-in-one package offering space efficiency and time-saving automation together with a top-notch performance,” said Lyu Jae-cheol, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. “Aligned with LG SIGNATURE’s new brand theme, ‘Live beyond.’, which is all about presenting solutions that help consumers live their ideal life, we will continue to introduce innovations that go beyond expectations and make everyday life more convenient.”

LG will be showcasing its latest home appliances, including the new second-generation LG SIGNATURE Washer-Dryer with Heat Pump, at its exhibition booth (Hall 18, Messe Berlin) at IFA 2023 in Berlin, Germany, from September 1-5.

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LG’s Amazing Micro LED Picture Quality Meets Bang & Olufsen’s Artistic Sound

LG MAGNIT with Bang & Olufsen’s Beolab 90 speakers

LG is partnering with world-renowned Danish luxury audio company Bang & Olufsen to redefine home cinema.  LG MAGNIT, the groundbreaking Micro LED display, and Bang & Olufsen’s flagship Beolab 90 speakers combine to present immersive viewing experiences with ultra-large and incredibly lifelike images and powerful, nuanced sound.

Front view of LG MAGNIT

With a sleek, modern design and vivid, ultra-sharp Micro LED picture quality, LG MAGNIT delivers the ultimate in viewing pleasure. Its 136-inch, 4K UHD (3840 x 2160), 120Hz-refresh-rate screen is great for watching movies, TV shows and sporting events – and for admiring artworks – in the privacy of one’s home. By combining the performance of Micro LED with convenient features that enhance content enjoyment, LG has created a unique display for those who demand the very best.

People watching sports games on LG MAGNIT in the living room

While the quality and size of images shown on LG MAGNIT are sure to captivate, so too will the display’s elegant, minimalist design. LG’s Micro LED solution for the home has a bezel-less screen for immersive viewing experience, and has a sturdy, stylish aluminum frame with a brushed metal finish that complements any interior décor or color scheme. Likewise, the Media Box, which serves as a controller for LG MAGNIT and shares the display’s luxurious yet understated aesthetic, harmonizes beautifully with the surrounding environment.

LG MAGNIT and Bang & Olufsen’s Beolab 90 speakers in the living room

Having produced such a superlative screen, LG tasked itself with finding a sound partner capable of providing an audio solution that could match MAGNIT in terms of design beauty and outstanding performance. Bang & Olufsen – beloved by audiophiles since 1925 – immediately understood LG’s vision for elevating the home cinema experience, and knew exactly which of its superior sound solutions would best complement LG MAGNIT: the distinctive, dynamic Beolab 90.

Front view of Bang & Olufsen’s Beolab 90 speakers

Bundled with LG MAGNIT, Bang & Olufsen’s Beolab 90 speakers are the ideal match for LG’s Micro LED innovation in both style and performance. An aesthetic and acoustic masterpiece, Beolab 90 boasts an iconic design featuring curved wooden bases, a series of angular facets covered in sleek fabric, and finishing touches of brushed aluminum. The stunning Beolab 90 sits at the top of Bang & Olufsen’s range of Beolab speakers, all of which are compatible with LG MAGNIT.

A sports game played on LG MAGNIT

Beolab 90 is a floor-standing speaker that adapts output to the space it is in and the type of audio it is reproducing. With 8,200 watts per speaker, 18 premium drivers, 14 channels of 300-watt ICE power amplifiers and 4 channels of 1,000-watt Class D Heliox amplifiers, Bang & Olufsen’s Beolab 90 makes music and soundtracks come to life in a way that few speakers can.

LG MAGNIT display in a home cinema

Dedicated to delivering outstanding home cinema and user experiences, LG and Bang & Olufsen conducted several rounds of testing to ensure seamless compatibility between the webOS platform installed on LG MAGNIT, and Bang & Olufsen’s software application. Thanks to these efforts, users can now enjoy the convenience of being able to control both LG MAGNIT and Beolab 90 via Bang & Olufsen’s remote controller.

The LG MAGNIT with Bang & Olufsen’s Beolab 90 speakers is currently on display at international locations. Visitors can experience this pairing at the LG Business Innovation Center in Dubai, UAE, as well as at the Bang & Olufsen store in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Moreover, this exceptional combination will also be presented in the Bang & Olufsen showroom in Costa Mesa, California, USA, which is scheduled in September.

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LG Unveils Its New Built-in Kitchen Package With “Better Culinary Life for All” at IFA 2023

Targeting the European Market, Company’s Built-in Kitchen Package Combines
Energy-Efficiency, Functionality and Seamless Design

LG introduces the brand’s new built-in kitchen package at IFA 2023

SEOUL, Aug. 17, 2023 — LG Electronics (LG) will introduce a “better culinary life for all” with the brand’s new built-in kitchen package at IFA 2023. Boasting energy efficiency, user-friendly features and elegant design, the full lineup comprises an InstaView™ oven, QuadWash™ dishwasher, downdraft induction hob, bottom-freezer refrigerator and microwave oven.

The newly introduced built-in kitchen package bolsters LG premium product portfolio, which already included the ultra-premium Signature Kitchen Suite, and is expected to strengthen the company’s position in the European built-in market and the home appliance market as a whole. The company declared its vision last month with the plan to expand built-in home appliance markets in North America and Europe, which account for more than 70 percent of the global market and foster LG to become one of the top five built-in appliance brands.

LG InstaView Oven
Thanks to its enhanced insulators and optimized heating control, LG’s 24-inch oven achieves an A++ energy efficiency rating.1 The new oven also has a four-layered glass door that minimizes heat loss and comes equipped with LG InstaView technology, which allows users to easily see inside without having to open the door.

Moreover, LG’s InstaView oven seamlessly blends aesthetics with functionality, combining a refined, matte black finish with intuitive full-touch controls and an ergonomic handle. Leveraging the uniform heat and precise control of ProBake Convection™ technology, the oven can provide specialized cooking settings such as steaming, sous-vide and air frying; making it simple for home chefs to serve up deliciously diverse culinary experiences. Cleaning the oven after use is even easier with LG’s EasyClean™, which removes the need for vigorous scrubbing and the use of chemicals. The company’s innovative, new oven is the winner of the 2023 iF Design Award and a 2023 Red Dot Award.

Along with the 24-inch InstaView model, a compact, 24-inch oven with Steam Assistant, also from the LG built-in kitchen package, will be showcased at IFA.

LG QuadWash Dishwasher
The LG QuadWash dishwasher offers an A energy efficiency rating,2 employing the company’s innovative Inverter Direct Drive Motor to optimize energy usage during every cycle.

With LG QuadWash technology inside, the built-in dishwasher shoots out high-pressure jets of water in all directions to remove stains, grease and food debris from dishes. Meanwhile, LG’s exclusive TrueSteam™ tech minimizes water spots to help deliver sparkling clean results.3

The sleek dishwasher also features an easy-to-read LED display panel which is gently illuminated by a subtle mood light indicator. Wi-Fi-enabled, the sophisticated appliance can connect to the LG ThinQ™ app, allowing users to conveniently control and monitor operation, download new cycles and resolve minor issues with Smart Diagnosis.4

LG Downdraft Induction Hob
LG’s new induction hob is an innovative kitchen appliance with a downdraft and hood ventilation system located in the center of the cooking surface itself. Effectively pulling down smoke and steam from cooking, the system uses mesh filters and offers variable speed settings to provide precise air extraction and an inviting, odor-free kitchen. User-friendly slide-type touch controls contribute to the understated, minimalist look of the downdraft induction hob, which shares the premium, built-in aesthetic of the other appliances in the new kitchen package.

“LG’s kitchen package incorporates the innovative technologies and seamless design that consumers worldwide have come to expect from the LG brand,” said Lyu Jae-cheol, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. “These stylish built-ins deliver a more convenient cooking solution and a better culinary life for all, enhancing our product lineup and solidifying our position in the European market.”

Visitors to LG’s booth (Hall 18, Messe Berlin) at IFA 2023 from September 1-5 can see a range of different products from the new built-in kitchen package, all flawlessly integrated into two, seamless concept kitchens in the LG Cooking Studio exhibit.

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1 New cooking appliances come with an energy label by the European Commission showing their energy efficiency class. These range from A+++ to G for range hoods and ovens. For ovens, these ratings are based on their energy efficiency (commission.europa.eu/energy-climate-change-environment/standards-tools-and-labels/products-labelling-rules-and-requirements/energy-label-and-ecodesign/energy-efficient-products/cooking-appliances_en).
2 The European Commission revised its home appliances energy rating standards in March 2021. As part of this, a new energy label ratings system for dishwashers was introduced, with ratings running from A to G instead of the previous scale of A+++ to D (commission.europa.eu/energy-climate-change-environment/standards-tools-and-labels/products-labelling-rules-and-requirements/energy-label-and-ecodesign/energy-efficient-products/dishwashers_en).
3 Tested by LG internal lab on Normal Cycle with a clear glass cup in LG non-Steam model DFB415 and LG Steam model (DFB325), according to LG internal test methods.
4 Smart Diagnosis, a service provided via LG ThinQ app, provides a diagnosis result if users are experiencing a problem as well as usage tips.

LG Suggests Sustainable Lifestyle With LG Smart Cottage at IFA 2023

Offering Energy Efficiency, Comfort and Convenience, LG’s Innovative Housing Solution
Seamlessly Merges Space With Smart Home Appliances and Services

LG Smart Cottage, a compact, prefabricated home, incorporating LG's newest smart home appliances and services as well as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and energy solutions

SEOUL, Aug. 16, 2023 — LG Electronics (LG) is set to unveil its housing solution, LG Smart Cottage, at IFA 2023. The Smart Cottage is a compact, prefabricated home incorporating LG’s cutting-edge heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and energy solutions, as well as its newest smart home appliances and services. Blending premium appliances and convenient services with a space constructed using the latest in modular housing technologies and techniques, LG Smart Cottage introduces a new paradigm in residential living.

Designed with sustainability in mind, and aligned with LG’s vision of a Better Life for All, the Smart Cottage features a two-story, studio-style layout that provides a functional, convenient living environment and maximum space efficiency. The modular home, which has a small footprint yet boasts all the appliances and facilities one could need, can be easily transported and placed in the desired location. According to research conducted by ReportLinker, the global prefabricated housing market is expected to reach an estimated USD 22.9 billion by 2028 with a compound annual growth rate of 4.8 percent from 2023 to 2028.

Inside, the space has a relaxed, premium feel thanks to LG’s ‘gentle, stable and refined’ design and the harmonious use of diverse materials, such as hardwood, tile and brass. To reduce environmental impact, the home’s replaceable module components have been made with low-carbon steel materials produced by POSCO, a renowned South Korean steel company.

The innovative, high-efficiency LG kitchen, living and air solutions installed in LG Smart Cottage include the WashTower Compact, QuadWash™ dishwasher, various built-in kitchen appliances, a water purifier and the Therma V™ Monobloc air-to-water heat pump (AWHP). In addition to delivering year-around indoor comfort while using less power than a conventional heating and cooling system, LG’s energy-saving AWHP can provide a reliable supply of hot water via connection to the water tank.

Moving outside, the exterior of the Smart Cottage is equipped with sustainability-focused LG technologies that can meet the daily energy needs of up to two occupants. Roof-mounted 4-kilowatt (kW) solar panels connect with the company’s Energy Storage System (ESS) to ensure the safe, reliable on-site collection and storage of solar power, generating as much as 15 kilowatts of electricity per day. Any surplus energy can be stored in the ESS for later use, or sold to the contracted electricity provider. Additionally, LG’s modular house has an electric vehicle (EV) charger built in, so homeowners won’t have to worry about fitting one themselves in order to power up their EV.

For a smart and convenient user experience, all of the appliances inside this extraordinary abode connect seamlessly with LG ThinQ. Via the ThinQ app, users can effortlessly control each appliance, manage the entire HVAC system, and monitor energy storage and consumption in real-time. What’s more, LG ThinQ connects to the Smart Cottage’s security-enhancing Internet of Things (IoT) accessories, including cameras, motion sensors and smart doorbells, helping to keep occupants safe and give them peace-of-mind.

To help bring the Smart Cottage to life, LG partnered with GS Engineering & Construction Corp (GS E&C), a South Korean construction and civil engineering service provider.

“Far more than just a prefabricated home, LG Smart Cottage is an innovative housing solution that facilitates a sustainable lifestyle through state-of-the-art ThinQ connectivity,” said Lyu Jae-cheol, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. “LG aims to redefine residential living by seamlessly integrating its energy solutions, appliances and services into a space that lets people live life their way.”

Visitors to LG’s booth (Hall 18, Messe Berlin) at IFA 2023 from September 1-5 can explore LG Smart Cottage and a host of other innovations for a better life.

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With Universal UP Kit, LG Takes a Step Forward for ‘Design for All’ at IFA 2023

Company Puts Focus on Accessibility and the
Environment With Latest Usability Innovations

LG home appliances applied with Universal UP Kit for enhanced usability and accessibility

SEOUL, Aug. 15, 2023 — LG Electronics (LG) will unveil its new ‘Universal UP Kit’ at IFA 2023. A collection of innovative home appliance accessories and add-ons embracing universal design and made from recycled materials, the LG Universal UP Kit has been crafted to enhance usability for individuals facing physical challenges, exemplifying LG’s vision of a more inclusive and sustainable future. Customers can seamlessly integrate Universal UP Kit products into their existing LG home appliances so that the whole item does not need to be replaced, elevating user experience without the need to upgrade to the latest models.

The kit represents a continuation of LG’s strong efforts towards more environmentally conscious and accessibility-focused ESG initiatives. Last year, the company introduced its minimalist design appliance lineup – a testament to LG’s commitment to more sustainable manufacturing through reducing components and increasing the utilization of recyclable materials.

To aid in developing the Universal UP Kit, LG enlisted the help of its Accessibility Advisory Council, an independent board, an assembly of individuals with health conditions such as hearing or vision impairments and cerebral palsy. The council’s members shared their insights, experiences and the challenges they had experienced while using various home appliances. LG compiled, categorized and analyzed the individual feedback, shaping the foundation of the Universal UP Kit design and steering the course for future accessibility-led projects.

This collaborative effort led to the creation of ‘aid kits’ featuring solutions engineered from recycled plastics utilized to help conserve resources and minimize waste – a cornerstone of LG’s overarching ESG management strategy.

Soon to be unveiled at this year’s IFA, LG’s Universal UP Kit comprises innovative, thoughtfully crafted solutions compatible with a wide spectrum of LG home appliances, including refrigerator, CordZero™ stick vacuum, Styler™, dishwasher, water purifier, washing machine and dryer.

Universal UP’s Easy Handle Kit comes with detachable handles for the door and the detergent drawer for LG’s washer. The handles have been designed to facilitate accessibility for users with diminished manual dexterity or wrist strength to grasp the washer’s pocket handles. The kit also offers high-contrast color options created to accommodate conditions such as amblyopia.

Other aid kits from the Universal UP portfolio include the Assistant Kit. This detachable, wheeled strut redistributes the weight of LG’s CordZero stick vacuum, offering enhanced control and maneuverability. The Easy Hanger Kit introduces a long handle with a circular grip to the Styler’s clothes hangers, allowing wheelchair users to easily place them on the Moving Hanger system at the top of LG’s clothing care cabinet. Additionally, LG will introduce the Rotate Shelf Kit to increase the usability of the refrigerator’s shelves and the Easy Nozzle Kit, which attaches to the water purifier and elevates accessibility through height- and distance adjustability. The water purifier can also be upgraded for those with visual impairments by adding the Silicon Cover with Braille.

“The Universal UP Kit is designed to enhance the usability and accessibility of our home appliances and has been developed to resolve pain points shared with us by real consumers,” said Lyu Jae-cheol, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. “Through the Universal UP Kit, we will ensure that all LG appliance owners, regardless of age or physical limitations, can enjoy a convenient user experience.”

Attendees at LG’s IFA 2023 booth (Hall 18, Messe Berlin) from September 1-5 can see Universal UP Kit solutions applied to a variety of the company’s home appliances in the ThinQ Home Zone.

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LG CEO to Present Company’s Future Mobility Vision at IAA Mobility 2023

CEO William Cho Heading to Munich to Host
Company’s First-Ever Press Conference at IAA

A promotional image of LG Press Conference at IAA Mobility 2023 with a phrase

SEOUL, Aug. 14, 2023 — LG Electronics (LG) today announced further details regarding its press conference at IAA Mobility 2023 in Munich, Germany.

Participating in IAA press day for the first time, LG will share key customer insights, present its exciting vision for the future of mobility and demonstrate how it is “Taking Life’s Good on the Road.” The press conference is scheduled to take place at 08:30 (CEST) on September 4 on the Main Stage (Hall A1) of the Messe München exhibition center.

LG CEO William Cho will deliver remarks at the press conference, offering his thoughts on the in-vehicle experience of the future and introducing the comprehensive and compelling mobility ecosystem envisioned by LG.

LG’s IAA Mobility 2023 press conference will be livestreamed on the company’s website.

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LG Enhances Its ‘All-in-One’ Lineup With New Micro LED Display for Productivity

New LG MAGNIT All-in-One Features Sleek Design With a Premium Micro LED
Screen, Built-in Speaker and Embedded Controller

LG MAGNIT All-in-One in a corporate meeting room

SEOUL, Aug. 10, 2023 — LG Electronics (LG) announces the launch of its new Micro LED signage solution, the LG MAGNIT All-in-One (model LAAA). Ideal for corporate meeting rooms, the impressive 136-inch model combines a premium screen featuring LG’s advanced Micro LED technology and a 1.56-millimeter pixel pitch with a built-in controller and speaker. Along with outstanding picture quality, LG MAGNIT All-in-One offers a convenient user experience with the webOS platform, seamless compatibility with AV control systems and easy installation.

LG’s sophisticated Micro LED display technology delivers deep blacks and vivid colors, making images come to life on the LG MAGNIT All-in-One. The company’s Micro Pixel Pitch technology aids in color clarity and precision, while its LED chip alignment and surface treatment technology enhance white uniformity and reduce color distortion, providing outstanding image fidelity across a wide viewing angle.

In addition to exceptional Micro LED picture quality, the LG MAGNIT All-in-One provides simple installation. Its integrated controller and built-in speaker reduce the hassle of having to connect and manage multiple cables. The 136-inch panel consists of five units of assembled LED display modules – preconfigured using LG’s ‘gap-reducing’ module alignment process – that can be quickly and securely attached to the frame. Installation can then be completed by connecting the display to power via a single AC cable.

Facilitating seamless business meetings, the LG MAGNIT All-in-One is a convenient display solution for corporate meeting rooms. With the scroll wheel on the LG Magic Remote, users can effortlessly explore the device’s diverse functionalities, then easily ‘point and click’ to quickly access or activate whatever they need. Additionally, the new MAGNIT All-in-One is compatible with the LG One:Quick Share wireless screen sharing solution and a web-based AV control system that allows for efficient management and integration with a range of AV equipment.

The attractive, minimalistic design of the LG MAGNIT All-in-One brings a sleek, stylish aesthetic to the meeting room. And for easy access and usability, all interface connections are located on the front of the product, and basic control buttons are situated on the right-hand side of the frame. Furthermore, the new LG MAGNIT All-in-One takes the safety of users and the installation environment into consideration, as demonstrated by passing tests regarding the surface spread of flame and electromagnetic compatibility.*

“Building on the successful launch of our newest LG MAGNIT solution, we aim to keep expanding and enhancing our All-in-One LED signage lineup,” said Paik Ki-mun, senior vice president and head of the Information Display business unit of LG Electronics Business Solutions Company. “We are dedicated to developing innovative display solutions that ensure excellent picture quality, simple installation and convenient usability; meeting our customers’ needs and creating value for their businesses.”

The LG MAGNIT All-in-One will be available in markets worldwide, including Europe, starting this month. For more information about the LG MAGNIT All-in-One, visit LG.com.

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* LG MAGNIT All-in-One has been certified for the ‘surface spread of flame’ classification (BS476 Part 7 Class 1) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC Class A).


[Mobility Inside] Into the Future Mobility

The era of autonomous vehicles is fast approaching with expert forecast that approximately 8 million autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicles will be on the road by 2025. This will soon make the task of driving pass into history, relieving drivers from the burden of having to keep their eyes on the road and stay put behind the steering wheel. In other words, the driver will become another passenger, able to spend their time in the car in more enjoyable ways and in much greater comfort.

An illustration of a human face profile made out of dots and lines

One way for companies in this rapidly growing field to gain a competitive edge is to transform the car into a pleasant space offering experiences that can stimulate passengers’ senses such as sight, sound and touch. For instance, sound can be used as  a powerful tool that can elicit emotions and sculpt the vibe of a given environment while lighting can play a key role in dramatically altering the mood of a space. Used and combined in different methods, such sensory information can help reimagine and reinvigorate the in-vehicle experience, enabling it to travel in a multitude of exciting directions.

An image of two speakers

Encompassing both sight and sound, AVN – short for Audio, Video and Navigation – can contribute to memorable in-vehicle experiences. AVNs comprise a range of electronic devices including a radio receiver, GPS navigation unit and user-interface technologies such as a touch screen or voice control. Through its constituent parts, an AVN system can provide a wealth of vehicle- and environment-related information as well as a variety of entertainment options to keep passengers amused on the road.

Inside of a car where someone is in the driver's seat looking at a tablet

Next-generation AVNs are expected to evolve even further, leveraging high-end audio, impressive display tech and other immersion-enhancing features to turn our vehicles into private movie theaters, relaxing café-bars and more. They’ll also help to make cars ideal places for everyday activities, such as having meetings, watching TV or even doing some online shopping.

 LG OMNIPOD concept car with Reah Keem on its door

Aware of this fact, LG has been focused on developing quality AVNs for several years now. According to research conducted by eBEST Investment & Securities Co., Ltd, the company ranked second in the global AVN sector in 2021 with a market share of 12 percent. To understand LG’s vision for the future of automobiles and how it plans to implement AVN technologies and features that engage the five senses, look no further than the groundbreaking LG OMNIPOD concept car. First introduced at CES 2022, LG OMNIPOD acts as an extension of the home, serving as a lounge, workspace, exercise studio or whatever its occupants need.

Inside of LG Omnipod with the futuristic design and expansive display

A fully autonomous vehicle, LG’s innovation incorporates expansive screens that can surround passengers with the content of their choice. The tunnel screen (Meta-environment Screen), which reaches from the floor to the ceiling, is key to the truly mesmerizing experiences that OMNIPOD can provide. With its suite of seamless multimedia displays, the vehicle becomes the perfect venue for enjoying movies – enabling passengers to feel like they are participating in, rather than watching, the on-screen action. Additionally, LG OMNIPOD automatically adjusts the screens according to passengers’ needs to ensure the optimal environment for productivity or play. Although impressive in and of themselves, these features are just a small part of what LG OMNIPOD has to offer.

A photo of LG Omnipod in a cinema mode that provides immersive view of universe with expansive display

Future mobility brings together the very latest advancements, such as autonomous driving technology, artificial intelligence, the cloud and 6G, all of which have previously been discussed in the Mobility Inside series. Guided by its vision for better in-vehicle experiences, the LG Vehicle component Solutions (VS) Company will continue to accelerate innovations that satisfy the senses and drive customer value to ever-greater heights.

Discover more at www.lg.com/global/mobility/more-stories/five-senses.

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LG to Share Vision for a Sustainable Life at IFA 2023

Under the Theme of ‘Sustainable Life, Joy for All,’ Company to Highlight Its
Commitment to a Better Life for All Through Energy-Efficient Innovations

A promotional image for LG Sustainable Village available at IFA 2023

SEOUL, Aug. 8, 2023 — LG Electronics (LG) invites consumers from around the globe to experience its latest innovations at IFA 2023 in Berlin, Germany (September 1-5). Under the theme of Sustainable Life, Joy for All, the company will introduce the LG Sustainable Village and an evolved ecosystem of efficient, convenient and sustainable products and solutions designed to help create a better life for people and the planet.

During IFA 2023, visitors to LG’s booth in Hall 18 at Messe Berlin can discover the advanced, eco-minded features and functions of the company’s newest offerings and learn about its comprehensive vision for a sustainable life.

Those unable to attend IFA in person can still explore LG’s innovation showcase by checking out the LG Booth video, which will be uploaded on the LG Global YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/@LGGlobal) on opening day.

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[Future Tech] Dare to be Different: Pioneering for ‘Life’s Good’ at LG Labs

An innovator at heart and pioneer of future technologies, LG has never been afraid of thinking outside the box. Aiming to foster an environment where employees are given freedom to venture beyond the conventional and explore new and bold ideas shaping the next trends in tech, the company conceived LG Labs to focus on creating outside-the-box products and services that offer unique customer experiences and value.

Three images including a woman using brid.zzz while sleeping, a man standing with a pluspot's scooter and Monshoecl products

LG Labs is LG’s new marketing platform established to deliver experimental and innovative product and service experiences to its customers. This setup, unique within LG, has already given birth to some truly original inventions.

In this edition of Future Tech, we take a close look at two of the novel LG Labs solutions that wowed visitors at this year’s CES: brid.zzz and pluspot.

Photos of brid.zzz earbuds and pluspot's e-bike and a scooter at a charging station

brid.zzz: Smart Bedroom With Mind Wellness Solutions

Quality slumber will work wonders for both mind and body, which is why Sleepwave company, LG’s CIC and an active contributor to LG Labs, sought to create a mind wellness solution. Say hello to brid.zzz.

A person using brid.zzz

At the core of brid.zzz are a set of wireless earbuds and an application offering content that induces brainwave to improve mental health and sleep quality. The device monitors users’ brainwaves in real time via its unique technology and combines them with data about their life patterns recorded on smartphones which enables the offering of a more personalized solution for mind care and sleep care.

Noh Seung-pyo, CIC head of LG’s SleepWave company, explaining about the productNoh Seung-pyo, CIC head of LG’s SleepWave company

“We focused on those who suffer from stress, anxiety and insomnia,” explained Noh Seung-pyo, CIC head of LG’s Sleepwave company. “With unprecedented mind wellness solution, we aim to present new brand experiences to customers.”

A user controlling brid.zzz with a smartphone

Uniquely, brid.zzz utilizes static binaural beat where a fixed frequency is continuously repeated and dynamic binaural beat developed by LG where two tones with slightly different frequencies are played simultaneously, one in each ear, creating the perception of a third tone. Using both static and dynamic binaural beats contribute to inducing brainwave for relaxation and sound sleep with frequency adjusted to the user’s state that changes in real-time. Also, the application for the device boasts two modes – mind care and sleep care – and about 90 different kinds of content including lullabies and ASMR that can be played with static and dynamic binaural beats, improving the overall experience with brid.zzz.

A closeup image of LG brid.zzz

“The process of developing brid.zzz wasn’t easy, but we were determined to make a real change in addressing mind wellness,” said Noh. “That’s what the LG Labs project is all about, pursuing innovation to change the world for a better future.”

A woman using brid.zzz while sleeping

pluspot: Making Personal Transportation Safe, Convenient and Responsible

Electric bikes and scooters have become ubiquitous in recent years with the remarkable growth of the ride sharing industry powered by the  active use by millions of people worldwide.

Four people using pluspot's scooters parked at the charging station

To allow more customers to enjoy the convenience of personal mobility devices, LG’s mobility-service CIC, CurrentDot company, sought to transform people’s view of rent-to-use e-bikes and scooters from solutions that are simply used and forgotten about, to solutions that all users have an obligation to manage properly.

“We tend to only take responsibility for these vehicles while we’re riding them,” explained Do Won-dong, CIC head of LG’s CurrentDot company. “But what about afterwards? What do we do with them once we’ve gotten to our destination? This was CurrentDot’s main concern and why we wanted to create a solution that would benefit everyone, from users to pedestrians and the environment as well.”

Do Won-dong, CIC head of LG’s CurrentDot company, posing with pluspot's scooters being charged at the station
Do Won-dong, CIC head of LG’s CurrentDot company

A for-free e-scooter charging station service platform, CurrentDot’s pluspot promotes safer and more responsible parking by helping people find nearby stations, and by offering a variety of fun rewards for using them. The service combines highly efficient charging stations utilizing cutting-edge technologies and an easy and entertaining-to-use mobile app for a convenient, enjoyable experience.

Users can quickly access the closest charging stations to them via the pluspot app. Parking earns them points that can then be exchanged for items at select retail chains. In this way, pluspot can extend the mobility experience – transforming a quick pitstop into an exciting neighborhood adventure. Thanks to its simple-to-use charging stations, the platform also makes e-mobility vehicles easier to find and access – which can ultimately help people minimize their personal carbon emissions.

A person using the pluspot application on a smartphone

LG Labs’ unique organizational structure played an important role in the making of pluspot. “LG’s full support is what helped us scale up in such a short time,” said Do. “Operating in a flexible environment, it was easier to speed up the process that led to the launching of pluspot.” First launched in Suwon, South Korea, the platform will be expanding to other regions throughout the country including Sejong and Ulsan within this year.

We can only create a better future when we drive beyond boundaries. Every day, the pioneers and creative thinkers at LG Labs pursue bold innovation, thinking outside the box and going above and beyond to make sure Life’s Good. For more on the future technologies presented by LG Labs, stay tuned for the next episode in the Future Tech series.

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A More Colorful World With Life’s Good

Earlier this year, LG introduced its new brand direction and visual identity under the LG Brand Reinvent to put the spotlight on the value of Life’s Good with a more youthful and dynamic image.

LG CEO Cho participating in a flashmob with LG employees in Italy as a part of Life's Good campaign
Life’s Good’ truck at the ‘Life’s Good’ event held in South Korea

To give employees a deeper understanding of what Life’s Good is all about, the company recently unleashed its Life’s Good campaign on its business sites across South Korea. For its next phase, LG is extending these efforts to customers worldwide by kicking off the campaign’s world tour this month.

LG CEO Cho and LG Italy employees holding panels which have various lifestlye images

The first city to enjoy the charm of this campaign was Milan, Italy. To commemorate the start of the global campaign, LG CEO William Cho visited the vibrant, historic city in person to join local LG staff in affirming the message of Life’s Good through two major activities: a flashmob and the Life’s Good tram.

While in Italy, CEO Cho took part in the company’s flashmob at Piazza Gino Valle, where 100 employees held panels up in the air to form a 10×10 square that spelled out Life’s Good. This performance was put on to spread the power of collective efforts and trust in one another while championing the importance of adopting a joyous, can-do attitude to learn and grow together.

Once the 100-strong team is ready to part ways with these panels, instead of being thrown away, they will be used to decorate LG’s Milan offices for daily motivation. And to ensure the campaign’s message lives on, a tram decorated with Life’s Good photos and messages will operate in Central Milan for about a month.

The first Life’s Good campaign aims to help people savor every moment of life through LG’s products and services. And with many more campaigns to come in other parts of the globe, each one will highlight LG’s positive Life’s Good message in its own unique way.

So stay tuned to be the first to learn how this colorful campaign is striking a chord with people around the world.

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LG and Clearbrook Announce Strategic Investment Fund to Accelerate Global Innovation

Targeting More Than USD $100 Million, the Fund Will Focus on Investments in
Companies That Provide Positive Impact on People and the Planet

Sokwoo Rhee, Head of LG NOVA and SVP of Innovation for LG Electronics, giving a speech at a LG NOVA event

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug. 2, 2023 — Global innovator LG Electronics and Clearbrook LLC, a global investment advisory and asset management firm with nearly two decades of experience in impact and sustainable investing, announced a strategic alliance to support companies developing solutions to bring positive change to people and the planet. The two companies are collaborating on NOVA Prime Fund, a venture capital fund with a target of more than USD $100 million. The Fund’s objective will be to invest in companies advancing innovations to build a better future, drawing from the pool of companies participating in the Mission for the Future Program sponsored by LG Electronics’ North America Center for Innovation, LG NOVA.

“As a part of our business transformation to a Smart Life Solution company, LG is innovating to expand its services and solutions in new areas of business growth,” said LG Electronics Global CEO William Cho. “The strategic investments we’ve made with LG NOVA and its Mission for the Future Program has led us to take the next step in working with Clearbrook and others to support the accelerated growth of new technological solutions in digital health, sustainability and future solutions platforms that benefit society. Clearbrook’s investment track record with a clear focus on impact and sustainable investing aligns perfectly with LG NOVA’s mission.”

ClearImpact Ventures, Clearbrook’s venture capital arm, invests at the intersection of sustainability, profit and purpose, and will act as General Partner of the NOVA Prime Fund while LG Electronics will be a Limited Partner. The NOVA Prime Fund will focus on investing in mission-driven companies concentrated on sustainable energy, digital health, immersive AI and industries of the future. Based in Silicon Valley and investing across both national and international markets, the NOVA Prime Fund will seek to advance both companies’ long-standing commitment to societal impact, as the fund seeks to empower innovative startup companies to build the tools required for a more sustainable future.

LG NOVA will serve as a contributing source of innovative companies for the fund to invest in and provide a commercial acceleration path for those companies selected through its programs. Selected portfolio companies are also expected to benefit from Clearbrook’s global commercial acceleration resources. LG NOVA’s Mission for the Future is a global program to identify leading companies with innovative concepts and transformative solutions that create a positive impact on people and the planet. Selected companies may have an opportunity to explore new venture creation, and may benefit from an accelerated path to growth with support from LG.

“We anticipate that LG NOVA’s acceleration capabilities will help startups, as well as our portfolio companies, succeed in their business initiatives – providing a valuable scenario for the fund to achieve its mission of growing companies that provide a positive impact on society,” said Clearbrook’s Chairman and CEO Elliott Wislar. “Our strategic alliance is the result of a shared vision that impact investing is an essential part of a business ecosystem that contributes to an improved society for all. Through our combined forces, we will seek to accelerate and amplify innovation for a better tomorrow. Our focus will encompass environmentally friendly solutions with a reduced environmental impact, and we will actively seek to support cutting-edge innovations in healthcare, sustainable energy and other solutions that foster a smarter, healthier lifestyle.”

“By investing in this fund, we are intentionally bridging sustainability and innovation to drive exponential growth in viable solutions for the challenges we face today,” said Sokwoo Rhee, Head of LG NOVA and SVP of Innovation for LG Electronics. “We, in collaboration with Clearbrook, are moving forward in our vision for a brighter future created with innovative solutions to help people live a better life.”

For more information on the NOVA Prime fund visit www.clearimpact.vc

Learn more about LG NOVA and the Mission for the Future Program here.

Submit your company for the Mission for the Future program here.

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LG Launches World’s First Wireless OLED TV

Company’s 97-Inch OLED TV With Zero Connect Technology Set for Global Launch

The newly revealed LG SIGNATURE OLED M3 TV mounted on the wall of a gray-themed living room as it displays an orchestra performance

SEOUL, Aug. 3, 2023 — LG Electronics (LG) is launching the world’s first wireless OLED TV, the 97-inch LG SIGNATURE OLED M (model 97M3). The 97M3 is currently available in South Korea, with plans for global roll out to key markets including North America and Europe later this year.

Drawing on LG’s technical and design prowess from a decade of OLED innovation, the 97M3 is set to reaffirm the company’s leadership in the ultra-large premium TV segment with the industry’s largest 97-inch OLED screen and the Zero Connect Box, the world’s first wireless solution capable of real-time video and audio transmission at 4K 120Hz.

LG SIGNATURE OLED M is an OLED TV completely free of cables, excepting the power cord. LG’s wireless AV transmission solution was developed to aid users who connect their TVs to various devices and peripheral such as gaming consoles and set-top boxes, and presents them with a new, hassle-free way of managing cables and connected devices.

As the Zero Connect technology eliminates the need to have cables and devices in close proximity to the screen, users can now fully enjoy the immersion offered by an ultra-large screen in a clutter-free space.

LG SIGNATURE OLED M boasts a 97-inch OLED screen (approximately 245 centimeters in diagonal length) and the Zero Connect Box, allowing AV transmission at 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) and 120Hz refresh rate, for a distance of up to 10 meters between itself the screen.*

A true innovation, the 97M3 with wireless solution is an important step forward in the evolution of TVs. The Zero Connect Box supports a range of connectivity options including HDMI 2.1, USB, RF, LAN and Bluetooth – making it easy to connect various devices or peripherals from gaming consoles to set-top boxes. To ensure the seamless transmission of image and sound, the box identifies the optimal transmission path and has an adjustable antenna that can be positioned according to the screen’s location.

LG’s proprietary wireless AV transmission solution is able to transmit large amounts of data at up to 3 times the speed of the existing Wi-Fi 6E standard. Impressively, the company’s cutting-edge Zero Connect tech even supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

LG SIGNATURE OLED M also boasts the company’s chic, ultra-modern Gallery Design, which provides a seamless, flush-to-wall mount. Eliminating the need to place a cabinet or table directly near the TV, users can arrange their space exactly how they want it.

In the near future, the 97-inch LG SIGNATURE OLED M will be joined by 83- and 77-inch OLED evo M models with Zero Connect technology, each offering superior OLED performance with wireless AV transmission at 4K 120Hz.

“The technical feat of the 97M3 was made with LG’s decade-long commitment to creating new customer value as a market pioneer,” said Baik Seon-pill, leader of the LG Home Entertainment Company’s Product Development Division. “As well as delivering the ultimate viewing experience on an ultra-large screen, our first-of-its-kind wireless LG SIGNATURE OLED M presents customers with a new level of freedom in arranging their living spaces.”

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*Applies only when the Zero Connect Box is placed in a direction facing the screen.

LG to Share Future Vision for on-the-Road Experiences at IAA Mobility 2023

Company Aims to Outline Its Vision for Future Mobility at
First-Ever Press Conference in Munich, Germany

A promotional image for LG Press Conference at IAA Mobility 2023

SEOUL, Aug. 1, 2023 — LG Electronics (LG) announced today that it will unveil its vision for the future of mobility at IAA Mobility 2023 in Munich, Germany.

On September 4, the day before IAA Mobility (September 5-10) opens its doors, the company will hold a press conference on the Main Stage (Hall A1) at the Messe München exhibition center during IAA press day, which will give the opportunity to learn how LG is “Taking Life’s Good on the Road” in person.

Presenting at IAA Mobility for the first time, LG will provide its vision of the in-vehicle experiences of the future and illustrate the highly advanced mobility ecosystem the company proposes to its partners and customers.

This press conference holds great significance as the Vehicle component Solutions Company’s business has emerged as LG’s primary business and driving growth engine. LG has already been recognized for its unique competitiveness across various industries. The company leverages the customer insights and customer experience know-how it has accumulated through its home appliances and IT products to expand into the mobility sector.

During a press conference held in South Korea in July, the company declared its transition to a “Smart Life Solution Company” and emphasized its commitment to actively responding to ever-evolving automobile trends. With its customer-oriented DNA embodied from the B2C business, LG aims to boost sales and solidify its position as a top-tier global company in the mobility industry.

The IAA Mobility 2023 press conference will be livestreamed on the company’s website and LG Global YouTube channel.

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LG Channels Is Set to Offer New Sports Channels Around the Globe

Company’s Free Streaming Service on LG Smart TVs Offers Popular Sports Channels
Including FIFA+ and DAZN in Europe, Latin America and Australia

Three female soccer players to promote the FIFA+ app on LG Channels

SEOUL, July 31, 2023 — LG Electronics’ (LG) exclusive, free streaming service, LG Channels, is set to offer LG Smart TV owners in Europe, Latin America and Australia an almost limitless stream of sports content to satisfy their appetite for action, regardless of their favorite competition or team.

Recently launched on LG Channels, FIFA+ is home to football fandom around the globe.1 LG Channels users in regions including Europe, US, Latin America and Australia2 will be able to access FIFA+. Featuring a wide range of Originals, live broadcasts and an extensive archive, FIFA+ has become a global hub for the beautiful game, and now, the channel will be on the home screens of millions globally as the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ continues apace.

Further, wedo Sports via wedoTV was also launched on LG Channels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland this month, which puts the spotlight on eminent sporting events like world-class horse racing such as the recent Royal Ascot and the Breeder’s Cup, and sailing competitions such as the German Sailing Bundesliga, the Sailing Champions League and SailGP. The German-language, 24-hour service also features weekly programs with highlights from football, Formula 1, e-sports, martial arts and other sports, as well as documentaries about sports legends like Tiger Woods, David Beckham and Michael Schumacher, and world-famous teams like Manchester United and other well-known national clubs.

Bringing joy to Europe’s passionate football fan base, LG has launched a special Advertising-based Video on Demand (AVOD) content featuring Shoot for Love, a popular YouTube Channel where they put well-known footballers to the test.  

More events are coming to European sport fanatics in the upcoming months. Unbeaten, a premium sports channel featuring the biggest events and athletes in football, tennis and golf history, will be coming to LG Channels users in five European countries.3 Meanwhile, Tennis Channel, the only 24-hour live sports app dedicated to the sport and the lifestyle that comes with it, gives tennis aficionados in the UK, Germany and Austria all the content they could possibly need.

These new channels are not the first in LG’s continued content partnerships to bring the best of sports to LG Channels. Last May, LG Channels partnered with the world’s leading live sports streaming service, DAZN,4 to add DAZN FAST, a free-to-air channel delivering a curated selection of sports content; DAZN Rise, a broadcaster of women’s sports in Germany and Austria; DAZN Combat, a channel for boxing and MMA buffs; and DAZN Women’s Football, presenting live matches from the fiercest female players in the UEFA Women’s Champions League and more.

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1 Country availability varies.
2 Content available in the United States, Australia, Europe (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland), Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Argentina) and Asia (Japan, South Korea).
3 United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy.
4 DAZN FAST and DAZN RISE available in Germany, DAZN Combat and DAZN Women’s Football available in France, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina.


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