July 11, 2024

From Detection to Recovery: “Together Against Cancer” Initiative Empowers Full Circle of Care

Life can surprise you with unexpected detours, like a wrong turn on a familiar journey. We frequently take our health for granted, only to find it placing an unforeseen burden on ourselves and our families. Cancer, the second leading cause of death worldwide, can appear out of the dark and change our lives at any moment. Although early detection is crucial in getting a step ahead of the disease, not everyone has access to the necessary screenings or care to give them the best chance to beat it.

A recent study* revealed India’s declining health, especially the rising cases of cancer. There are now 100 cases for every 100,000 people, which is expected to rise above the global average in the next few years – from 1.39 million in 2020 to 1.57 million by 2025.

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Alarmed by the way things are heading, LG India joined forces with the Indian Cancer Society in 2022 to embark on its “Together Against Cancer” initiative, aiming to support patients throughout their recovery journey.

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At its core, “Together Against Cancer” focuses on providing cancer screenings across various regions in India. However, the initiative extends beyond early detection; it also aims to raise cancer awareness, ensure comprehensive treatment for diagnosed individuals and improve the quality of life for underprivileged patients.

LG India is committed to making a significant impact by ensuring patients receive the necessary care and support. Whether through screening, treatment or survivorship support, the company is dedicated to being there every step of the way.

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To provide comprehensive support to the less fortunate, the program includes various activities across social media platforms, radio and cinema to emphasize the importance of early cancer detection. Efforts are also being made to reach the younger generation, with educational classes in schools and colleges designed to empower young people to take charge of their health.

To maximize outreach, LG India is organizing screening camps in various cities, with an aim to reach approximately 10,920 beneficiaries by the end of this program. The goal is to detect cancers early to improve treatment outcomes.

Understanding the financial burden of a cancer diagnosis, LG India extends critical financial support to the most underprivileged patients. This support covers surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and prosthetics, ensuring that cancer patients from all walks of life have the resources they need to fight their battle.

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Recognizing that the fight against cancer doesn’t end with treatment, LG India offers counseling to survivors and their families to help them achieve mental well-being. This support also includes educational assistance for students and funding for vocational courses, equipping survivors with the tools they need to rebuild their lives.

The comprehensive support system is a testament to LG India’s commitment to improving the lives of cancer sufferers and their families, embodying the true meaning of Life’s Good.

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To date, a total of 4,530 people have been screened for oral, breast and cervical cancer at 63 camps in Pune, Thane, Noida and Varanasi. Support has been extended to more than 21 survivors, helping them attend school or pursue higher education in fields such as engineering, pharmaceuticals, IT, commerce and humanities.

The collaboration with the well-established Indian Cancer Society, active for 70 years, adds credibility and experience to the initiative. This partnership exemplifies how kindness and collaboration can be powerful weapons in the fight against cancer. With LG India’s “Together Against Cancer” program, cancer care is becoming a little brighter, one precious life at a time.

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*Study released by the Indian multinational healthcare group, Apollo Hospitals.


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