June 6, 2024

[World Environment Day with LG๐ŸŒฑ] LG Hope Screens Promote Restoration for World Environment Day

Under a mission to create a Better Life for All, LG is committed to creating a sustainable future for the planet. As part of its commitment to raising awareness about crucial social and environmental issues, LG has been running the LG Hope Screen program in bustling pedestrian areas of two renowned cities โ€“ New Yorkโ€™s Times Square and Londonโ€™s Piccadilly Circus. These eye-catching LG billboards have captured the attention of passersby, showcasing public service videos produced by international organizations and non-governmental organizations.ย ย 

Image source: UNEP Facebook

Through the Hope Screen program, LG is joining hands with the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) in the annual celebration of World Environment Day on June 5. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is hosting this yearโ€™s event, focusing on the critical topics of land restoration, desertification and drought resilience, emphasizing the message of โ€œOur Land. Our Future.โ€ย 

Image source: UNEP Facebook

According to the United Nations, approximately 2 billion hectares of land are degraded worldwide, posing a significant impact on around 3.2 billion people globally. This degradation accounts for one-fifth of the Earthโ€™s land area and affects 40 percent of the worldโ€™s population, disproportionately impacting those who lack the necessary resources and means to cope with the consequences.ย 

This yearโ€™s World Environment Day provides a valuable platform to raise public awareness about this pressing issue and inspire action to safeguard the planet. From May 31 to mid-June, LG Hope Screens will broadcast UNEP-created videos that shed light on the detrimental consequences of rapid industrialization, contributing to the devastating effects of climate change. However, these videos also showcase inspiring reforestation initiatives from various parts of the world, urging viewers to actively participate in the restoration of our planetโ€™s ecosystems.ย 

LG Hope Screens have emerged as a powerful platform for initiating meaningful conversations and raising awareness about crucial social and economic issues. In April, on the occasion of Earth Day 2024, LG launched a captivating digital out-of-home campaign through its Times Square billboard, featuring mesmerizing anamorphic content. The campaign aimed to draw attention to the urgent need for protection of some of the worldโ€™s most vulnerable endangered and recovered species. Throughout the year, this ongoing campaign will continue to spotlight various species, starting with the snow leopard and subsequently featuring the bald eagle, Galapagos sea lion and reindeer later in the year.ย ย 

Last October, to commemorate World Food Day, LG Hope Screens played a significant role in commemorating World Food Day. During this event, campaign videos produced by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization were broadcasted, emphasizing the crucial importance of water as a fundamental element for both sustenance and life itself. These videos aimed to raise awareness about the significance of water conservation in order to foster a more sustainable future.ย ย 

LG will continue to run the Hope Screen program to foster initiatives for the betterment of the planet and the people living on it. Stay tuned to the LG Newsroom to learn more about LGโ€™s efforts to create a Better Life for All.ย 

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