May 13, 2024

LG CEO Embarks on Strategic U.S. Visit to Enhance AI Initiatives

AI as Key Driver for Future Growth and Customer Experience Innovation

LG CEO William Cho talking at the MS CEO Summit

SEOUL, May 13, 2024 — LG Electronics’ (LG) CEO, William Cho, has embarked on a strategic business trip to the tech-rich western United States, a hotspot for global tech titans and dynamic AI dialogues. Throughout his week-long visit, Cho will focus on key tasks such as attracting top-tier AI talent, communicating the company’s vision and strategy to global investors and attending the influential MS CEO Summit. These endeavors are integral to LG’s comprehensive strategy to accelerate the incorporation of AI into all its business sectors.

AI as a Crucial Catalyst for Future Growth and Customer Experience Innovation
Throughout his trip, Cho aims to secure top-notch expertise in the AI field, an area that has recently surfaced as a critical turning point in the industry. He plans to leverage this as a springboard for transforming LG’s future business portfolio and revolutionizing the customer experience.

Annually, LG introduces approximately 100 million products to the market. Given a product lifespan of seven years, it’s estimated that nearly 700 million LG products are currently in use worldwide. Furthermore, the usage data gained from customers interacting with these devices exceeds 700 billion hours. Cho anticipates this enormous pool of usage data will help accelerate LG’s AI progression and the 700 million products will function not just as customer touchpoints but also as service platforms.

“AI, Cloud, and Big Data are new opportunities for LG”
Cho commenced his itinerary by hosting a tech conference in North America on the 11th in Cupertino, California. This program is aimed at drawing in top-notch talent from abroad. Key participants included LG’s AI Lab management team and executives from LG’s various businesses including Park Hyoung-sei, president of the LG Home Entertainment Company; Eun Seok-hyun, president of LG Vehicle component Solutions Company; Dr. Kim Byoung-hoon, CTO and executive vice president; Kim Weon-bum, CHO and executive vice president; and Dr. Sokwoo Rhee, head of LG’s North America Innovation Center.

LG extended invitations to about 50 AI experts currently working in large tech firms and startups in the Bay Area, as well as doctoral researchers from renowned universities in North America. The conference focused on discussions about the company’s vision, R&D strategy and the future trajectory of AI technology development.

Cho expressed, “In the face of transformative shifts such as electrification, servitization and digitalization sweeping across diverse industries, the application of AI, cloud and big data is paving the way for novel approaches and opportunities.” He further elaborated, “These emerging opportunities represent a new potential frontier for us, given our extensive accumulation of core technologies and expertise.”

He also provided detailed insights into LG’s AI vision of ‘Affectionate Intelligence’, which was unveiled earlier this year at CES 2024. Cho emphasized that “AI should fundamentally be used to care for and empathize with customers, provide tangible benefits and improve the customer experience,” a sentiment that deeply resonated with the attendees.

Following this, he announced, “LG is transcending its status from a global leader in the home appliance and consumer electronics to transform into a ‘Smart Life Solution Company’ that expands and interconnects various customer spaces and experiences.” He added, “I envision us collaborating to reinvent dreams as we undertake bold ventures, fueled by optimism for a brighter future and a better life.”

At the event, CTO Kim Byung-hoon spoke on the subjects of ‘Paradigm Shift’ and ‘LG’s Innovation Roadmap for the Future’, and vice president Han Eun-jung of AI Lab discussed ‘Daily Life with AI’. Professors from the University of Southern California and New York University were also invited to present on generative AI and robotics technology. A panel discussion on the theme of ‘Evolution of AI’ also attracted significant interest from the attendees.

Transition from a Leading Home Appliance Brand to a Smart Life Solution Company
Cho’s second agenda includes hosting a non-deal roadshow (NDR) on May 13, where he will interact with key executives from globally influential investment firms based in San Francisco. His strategy aims to depict LG’s transformation to a comprehensive ‘Smart Life Solution Company’. This transition is anchored in broadening the company’s business portfolio, which includes accelerating B2B business in areas such as EV components, HVAC, built-in appliances’ and signage solutions. The expansion of platform-based services like webOS, and venturing into new areas for LG such as robotics and EV charging, are also integral to this transformation plan.

In particular, Cho plans to highlight how LG is proactively engaging in the development and application of AI in its business operations. He aims to stress that creating tangible customer touchpoints is more crucial than merely having superior AI to provide authentic value and experience to customers.

In this regard, LG’s customer touchpoints, secured through its 700 million devices spanning diverse spaces from homes to vehicles and commercial areas, present a significant advantage that is unmatched by other global companies. LG’s goal is to realize Affectionate Intelligence in our daily lives by leveraging extensive real-time life data and expertise orchestrating devices and services to accelerate AI development using its devices as platforms.

Securing Global AI Allies and Discovering New Business Opportunities at the MS CEO Summit
Cho is also scheduled to attend the MS CEO Summit, a private, invitation-only event taking place in Seattle, where Microsoft’s headquarters is located, for three days starting from May 14. This summit serves as a platform for CEOs and representatives of globally leading companies to discuss and exchange ideas on various topics, including the economic and business environment, as well as industry trends.

LG is diligently working to establish world-class AI capabilities, guided by a ‘3B strategy’ that focuses on Building internal capabilities or Borrowing and Buying external resources. Given LG’s extensive global customer touchpoints and its possession of a vast amount of multi-faceted data and customer insights, the opportunities for future collaborations with globally influential tech companies are expected to become increasingly diverse.

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