January 18, 2024

LG and BoConcept Captivate Parisians With Immersive Design

An illustration of the invitation for the BoConcept and LG showroom

The mark of a successful partnership is a result that demonstrates how coming together creates something better than what one could accomplish alone. World-renowned for its TVs that feature exceptional technology and high-quality materials, LG is dedicated to ensuring its products also present design options that fit seamlessly into the atmosphere of a home.

A photo of three people in a living room enjoying the LG Objet Collection Pose

To show LG’s commitment to product design, LG France partnered with BoConcept, a renowned Danish designer furniture brand famous for its aesthetics and attention to detail. Highlighting how the company’s Lifestyle Screen products provide interior-design freedom, the BoConcept showroom became the canvas for the LG Objet Collection Posé – a blend of technology and design elements that elevate the home entertainment experience with exquisite style.

A photo of the LG Objet Collection Pose displayed in a living room-like setting

The unveiling of the product at BoConcept attracted the attention of many journalists and influencers, with some visitors remarking on LG’s growth as a company that equally values appearance and advanced technical components in its products. The success of the collection also sparked anticipation for further collaborations between LG and premium designer furniture brands.

A successful demonstration of the combination of technology and contemporary design, this partnership formed the perfect amalgamation of noble materials and refined finishes with both brands’ products. The LG Objet Collection Posé was on display at 24 BoConcept showrooms across France until the end of last December, providing the perfect opportunity for customers to explore the premium TV that will redefine the ambience of any home. With this event, LG further solidified itself as a brand with a strong sense of aesthetics and points to an optimistic future of collaborative design.

More details of this partnership can be found on the LG x BoConcept website. Stay tuned for more updates on LG’s future design collaborations that highlight the design of its state-of-the-art products.

Contributed by LG France

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