November 23, 2023

[On the Job] How Learning and Development Provide Value to All

In this installment of On the Job, we go inside LG’s Global Learning and Development Team to learn about the training they provide to LG employees around the world.

As a global company with over 75 global branches and subsidiaries, LG prioritizes its relationship with customers around the world. To deliver valuable experiences worldwide, the Global Learning and Development (L&D) Team ensures the company’s global workforce is equipped with the right skills to succeed.

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The Global L&D Team recognizes the need to standardize the education program for overseas subsidiaries and enhance the quality of professional development services. The team offers comprehensive support to global employees with systematic training, enabling them to excel and create value for LG customers.

“Our business objectives revolve around delivering high-quality products and services to our customers, maintaining a strong market presence, and driving innovation in the industry,” said Erica Choi, professional at LG’s Global L&D Team. “We strive to stay ahead of the competition in order to provide value to our customers through continuous improvement and employee development.”

There were various challenges in creating a training program, such as rapidly changing market trends, intense competition, technological advancements and the need to adapt to ever-evolving customer needs. Considering the increasing demand for training sessions regarding popular topics, such as digital transformation, the Global L&D Team recognized it was both time- and cost-effective to utilize a third-party training platform. And, with the rise of remote working since the global pandemic, the team was in search of a platform in an online format that could be accessed easily by employees worldwide.

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To provide employees with the tools they need to succeed, the team selected online learning provider LinkedIn Learning after careful evaluation and a nine-month pilot program. “The platform’s content library covers a wide range of topics, which is important for our diverse workforce, and curation is data-backed to ensure relevance and effectiveness,” shared Choi, who also added that the convenience factor, such as desktop and mobile learning as well as multi-language subtitle support, also played a significant role in the decision.

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Providing education for both soft and hard skills development, employees have access to a wide array of courses to enhance their competency across multiple disciplines. For example, an LG employee in charge of sales training was able to use the information they gained from the Sales Skill curriculum to train local promoters. Another employee, who is the head of the local finance team, found that the Communication and Negotiation curriculums provided him skills that could be used in 1:1 face-to-face meetings with team members.

With LG’s branches and subsidiaries spread across the globe, it was challenging to adapt to the internal and external trends of all locations in a timely manner. “The partnership provided extensive and up-to-date content, presenting employees with expertise to develop the necessary skills to excel in their roles, enhancing learning initiatives and staying ahead of industry trends,” explained Choi.

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To drive activation and participation, the Global L&D Team formed a comprehensive plan, conducting internal awareness campaigns to highlight the benefits of online learning and the offered features. The team provided training sessions to familiarize employees with the platform and offered ongoing support through dedicated helpdesks. Additionally, the platform was incorporated into LG’s existing learning programs, making it easily accessible. Effectively engaging employees in the program, 99 percent activated their account and two-thirds (67 percent) log into LinkedIn Learning every month.

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“We created compelling content to generate excitement and encourage employees to fully explore the learning opportunities,” said Choi. “We also utilized internal communication channels, such as newsletters, intranet portals and social media, to promote the platform and its benefits.” For example, LG’s L&D team in Mexico created and distributed a training book that outlined curriculums curated for specific roles and positions. And, to boost participation, the local team highlighted the most active employees and awarded them with monthly Learning Awards.

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The training program was received well by employees. In a survey of about 160 LG employees, the program received a satisfactory rating of 9.1 (out of 10), with many commending the courses’ wide variety of topics, easy-to-watch format and availability on mobile devices as well as how the training enabled them to expand their expertise in different areas. One user shared that “most of the courses are helpful for daily work,” while another user stated that “it provides very good materials, examples and flexibility in learning.”

The next phase of the learning strategy involves further integration of LinkedIn Learning into LG’s talent development programs. “We aim to leverage data analytics to gain insight into employee learning patterns, which will enable our team to personalize learning experiences even further,” concluded Choi. “LinkedIn will continue to add value by providing a comprehensive learning platform to address the evolving needs of our workforce.”

Internal training is an essential component of LG CEO William Cho’s vision to transform into a ‘smart life solution company.’ LG will continuously invest in training to foster and boost internal competency on its journey to become a ‘smart life solution company.’

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