July 21, 2023

LG Awes Thai Market With State-of-the-Art Air Solution

(From left to right) Matthew Dean, a Thai star actor and new-generation entrepreneur, Song Han Jeong, chief executive officer of LG Thailand, Lucky Kwon, director of Air Conditioning and Air Purifier Product Group of LG Thailand, and Methewee Jitladaporn, sales director of B2B System Air Conditioning of LG Thailand

In a move that emphasizes its commitment to sustainability and innovation, LG Thailand recently unveiled its latest offering – Multi V i – at the Grand Ballroom of Park Hyatt Bangkok. This cutting-edge HVAC system features a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) solution which comes with LG’s advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine, revolutionizing performance. With a focus on energy efficiency, user comfort and smart features, Multi V i sets a new benchmark for sustainable building operation and positive business outcomes.

Aware of the changing needs in the B2B market such as enhancing operational efficiency amid the global economic volatility and pursuing energy efficiency to meet the sustainability trend among the young generations, LG introduced HVAC solutions to fulfill those needs. LG Multi V i features AI Smart Care, cutting-edge AI technology, that automatically adjusts cooling or heating according to the number of people in the room, humidity level and temperature inside and outside of the building during the first ten minutes of operation. There is also an AI Indoor Space Care function that contributes to energy efficiency by keeping the indoors to a certain temperature.

Also, AI Energy Management allows users to set energy consumption targets, which can help lower the overall power usage of the Multi V i, ultimately reducing excessive power use and monthly bills.

LG Multi V i not only contributes to saving energy but also creates a comfortable indoor environment, promoting the well-being of occupants and supporting sustainable building operations. It boasts an array of impressive features, empowered by its highly evolved AI engine, delivering a seamless user experience. For instance, the Remote Upgrade system allows VRF solutions to automatically update the software to the latest version without the need for staff to visit individual houses for an installation. Considering all these features, the product is perfectly designed to meet the altering demands in businesses, especially in Thailand where the pervasive heatwave continues to hit.

Alongside the LG booths demonstrating the seamless integration of advanced technology and LG’s HVAC solutions, the event began with the cutting-edge opening show which set the tone and captured the attention of media attendees. The show revolved around the theme of Advance Innovation for the Future and featured multimedia integration on the screen along with a captivating performance by two dancers. The story was divided into three parts – intelligent, innovative and interactive – with each part showcasing the key benefits of the Multi V i. This also emphasized the position of LG’s new HVAC solutions as a leading innovation for the future.

After the show, Metawee Chitladaporn, sales director of B2B System Air Conditioning, delivered a presentation titled ‘Conquering the Future World with AI Technology.’ She provided an overview of Thailand’s commercial air conditioner industry, and shared insights and current trends, before introducing the Multi V i that suits well to the industry environment and trends. Then, Prapop Punnin, manager of Design and Product Information, took the stage to delve into the product’s details and emphasize its benefits to businesses and corporate clients.

Notably, the presence of Matthew Deane, a Thai star actor and new-generation entrepreneur, as a special guest added a touch of uniqueness to the occasion. Sharing valuable insights on the advantages of AI in the LG Multi V i with the attendees of the event, he successfully emphasized its potential benefits for businesses and entrepreneurs. Matthew shared his firsthand experience as an entrepreneur, highlighting the increasing necessity for businesses to enhance operational efficiency due to intense competition and rapidly changing consumer demands. He emphasized that AI advancement could play a vital role in responding to the needs of businesses nowadays, especially in terms of cost reduction and customer satisfaction. By leveraging AI effectively, businesses can foster sustainable growth and thrive in this dynamic market.

The launch event of the LG Multi V i proved to be a success with 48 attendees from more than 40 media across Thailand including top-tier media such as Amarin TV and MCOT, and the generation of more than 100 pieces of media coverage. It provided a platform for participants to enjoy an immersive experience about the features and benefits of the Multi V i as well as LG PuriCare air purifier product line-up including LG PuriCare Dehumidifier, PuriCare 360 and PuriCare AeroFurniture. Going forward, LG will continue to innovate to provide a more comfortable environment to its consumers, solidifying its status as an innovator in the air solution business.

Contributed by LG Thailand

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