July 10, 2023

[Future Tech] The Post-Smartphone Era: Ambient Computing

As artificial intelligence (AI) evolves beyond the capabilities of humans across various aspects of life, social and economic paradigms are shifting. This is making more people curious about the ways this state-of-the-art technology will shape the future. According to a survey by LG AI Research, 1000 respondents in Korea and the US are highly interested in AI-powered functions and experiences that make life easier, like a machine that can perform daily tasks on their behalf.

Choi Ho-young, AI Platform TP Leader of the Ambient Intelligence Lab at LG Electronics, speaking during 2023 LG Tech Conference
Choi Ho-young, AI Platform TP Leader of the Ambient Intelligence Lab at LG Electronics

Ambient computing – AI decisions made without human intervention – is all about realizing the people’s visions of the future. This broad term depicts an environment of smart devices, AI and data designed to enable flawless computer actions to make everyday life easier.

Though this may sound like mobile computing, ambient computing is much more as it demands that multiple devices work unison to offer a customized, seamless experience to several users simultaneously. To fulfill the needs of all its customers with this ubiquitous technology, LG is incorporating ambient computing technology, such as its AI smart home companion ATOM (Ambient computing Technology of Multiverse), into its home appliances and TVs.

As soon as someone walks through the front door, ATOM identifies who they are, sets the room temperature and recommends recipes for later, all based on their unique preferences and tastes. Ultimately, it aims to understand the users’ behavioral patterns and make assumptions based on the data it constantly collects, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of LG products. When fully developed, ambient computing will free customers from the time and effort spent on operating devices or learning how to use certain functions.

Two visitors experiencing Smart Mat Technology which allows them to enjoy their virtual walk in the woods

Other LG technologies utilizing ambient computing include ThinQ Home Concierge, which gives detailed information about home features just like a hotel concierge would, and Smart Mat Technology, which allows users to take a picturesque nature walk via their living room’s LG TV.

Through constant evolution, LG appliances equipped with ambient computing will be able to autonomously present living environments optimized to customers’ distinctive needs. Imagine a day in your life where the air conditioner lowers the temperature during your daily workout, the washing machine sets the ideal cycle for your clothes without fail, the water purifier updates you on your water intake and the refrigerator manages ingredients to ensure you’re eating a balanced diet.

Various icons are connected with lines and a photo of a living room is in the background

To help bring about a future where AI safely guides and takes care of users both inside and outside the home, LG is striving to establish technologies going beyond simply answering questions to provide services tailored them. Based on three major technologies – AI Sensing, which senses and comprehends various situations, AI Brain, which makes judgments based on data, and AI Body, which enables communication with users – LG AI Research is developing differentiated technologies to deliver next-level customer experiences.

The company is looking forward to a future where all its products are connected wirelessly, exchanging information freely and providing a convenient lifestyle that allows customers to live in bliss every single day.

By Choi Ho-young, AI Platform TP Leader of the Ambient Intelligence Lab at LG Electronics

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