April 21, 2023

[Earth Day With LG ๐ŸŒŽ] A Healthier Planet With LGโ€™s Advanced Steam Technology

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As the effects of climate change become increasingly serious, the need to invest in the health and future of our planet becomes ever more urgent. While the problem canโ€™t be solved all at once, and no one person or organization can do it all by themselves, a more sustainable future can be realized if everyone does their part.

Photo credit: EARTHDAY.ORG

To achieve sustainability in the way we live, it is crucial to reduce our impact on the environment through being wiser about what and how much we consume. This even extends to the way we care for clothes, where the excessive use of water and chemical cleaning agents can negatively impact both the planet and our personal health. Especially during seasonal transitions, many people take their clothes to commercial dry cleaners, which typically employ harsh chemical-based solutions to get the job done.

Steam appliances represent an eco-conscious alternative to dry cleaning your clothes. Steaming provides a hygienic and sustainable way to care for fabrics, and steam appliances consume a relatively small amount of water compared to traditional washing machines, which use an average of 27 to 54 gallons (or 102 to 204 liters) of water per load.1

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LG Styler uses pure steam โ€“ and zero chemicals โ€“ to help neutralize wrinkles2 and odors.3 Refreshing garments so they look and smell clean the next time theyโ€™re worn, this innovative clothing management system is just one of the many LG living solutions designed with sustainability and user convenience in mind.

Perfect for the bedroom or laundry room, the attractive LG Styler uses less than 0.2 gallons (0.75 liters)4 of water to produce pure steam particles that sanitize and refresh clothes. Not only does the Styler reduce the need for and cost of dry cleaning, but it can also help reduce washing machine usage at home, which, in turn, can contribute to lowering household water consumption. Powered by LGโ€™s TrueSteamโ„ข technology, the Styler reduces house dust mites and bacteria from clothing.5

Because it provides such gentle, chemical-free care, LG Styler helps minimize fabric damage, thereby extending the lifespan of clothing. The productโ€™s Gentle Dry feature removes moisture from clothes without damaging them, while the Moving Hanger system generates up to 200 vibrations per minute to effectively but delicately shake out dusts attached on suits, shirts, dresses and pants.

To encourage eco-conscious living and promote the benefits of the Styler, LG is running a pop-up store called Another Style in Seoul, South Korea from mid-April to the end of May. Operating under the theme of โ€˜The Most Stylish Ways to Protect the Earth,โ€™ the store provides a range of informative and interactive content about the Styler, including its development story, design principles and differentiated technologies such as TrueSteam and the Moving Hanger.

Visitors can also learn about how to manage their fashionable footwear โ€“ and help protect the environment while doing it โ€“ with LGโ€™s premium shoe care solutions, Styler ShoeCare and ShoeCase.

LG is committed to creating sophisticated products and technologies that can deliver outstanding value and convenience, and help consumers do their part for a better future. By using less water, replacing cleaning chemicals with natural steam and limiting fabric damage, its advanced clothing care innovations are benefitting people and the planet, living up to the companyโ€™s slogan and sincere belief that Lifeโ€™s Good.

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