December 9, 2022

Innovators Worldwide Take on Better Life for All Mission

Fueled by its unwavering commitment to putting a warm smile on the faces of people from all walks of life, LG is constantly innovating to reimagine and reshape the future to present better lives through an inclusive society and flourishing environment.

Promotional image of LG's Life's Good Award

To inspire and collaborate with like-minded innovators responding to the world’s most imminent challenges with their novel ideas LG opened up applications for its first-ever LIFE’S GOOD AWARD this September.

True to its name, this challenge solicited innovative solutions aligning with LG’s goal of creating a Better Life for All in two areas: Innovation for the Planet, which targets solutions that help preserve and repair the environment, and Innovation for People, solutions that prioritize safety, usability and accessibility for users of varying abilities and disabilities.

LG's digital billboard in Times Square, New York displaying a promotional video of its Life's Good Award

This initiative was the perfect opportunity to build on LG’s philosophy of open innovation, as it brought together over 334 creative minds from 61 countries around the globe to share their potentially world-changing ideas. With entrants competing against a one-in-a-hundred chance, this challenge showed just how many brilliant minds resonate with LG’s vision for a sustainable world, no matter where they hail from.

The successful culmination of the LIFE’S GOOD AWARD applications shines a bright light on the new direction LG is headed to adopt more sustainable business practices. The company is now turning its attention to widening the platform of opportunities and resources to invite people from all backgrounds to join its virtuous cycle of positive impact.

Three students working on a project using LG gram

Adding even more expertise and fairness to the award is B Lab Korea, a non-profit with ample know-how in measuring and certifying a business’s social impact, which in partnership with LG has been tasked with evaluating applications based on their impact, innovation and feasibility – LG’s own criteria for innovations for a better life.

For the fairest, most knowledgeable evaluation process, LG enlisted the help of respected academics across various industries to join its executives on the judging panel, dubbed the Life’s Good Committee. This diverse talent pool of budding innovators, entrepreneurs, business professionals and renowned scholars perfectly demonstrates how society can come together as one to pave a better future for the people and their planet.

A colorful illustration of a green environment with the phrase, “Better Life for All”

The LIFE’S GOOD AWARD grand finale will be held in January, with the four finalists set to be announced at CES® 2023 and final pitches to be made in the following weeks. Although the end is in sight for the inaugural innovation challenge, LG’s collective journey toward a Better Life for All will continue for many years to come. With a commitment to ensuring Life’s Good in everything it does, LG will never cease to foster new possibilities for society and the planet.

To keep up to date with the latest LIFE’S GOOD AWARD news, stay tuned to the LG Newsroom.

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