November 28, 2016


LG’s First Medical Imaging Devices Deliver High Resolution,
Accurate Images for Wide Range of Hospital Settings

LG Surgical Monitor 8MP and Clinical-Review-Monitor DXD.

SEOUL, Nov. 28, 2016 — Leveraging years of experience in advanced flat-panel display technology, LG Electronics (LG) is entering the growing medical imaging devices market with the introduction of clinical and surgical monitors designed to empower healthcare professionals to make accurate and informed life-saving decisions. The new monitors and an advanced new radiography device are being previewed this week at RSNA® 2016, the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America in Chicago.

LG 8MP Clinical Review Monitor

The LG 8MP Clinical Review Monitor is a 27-inch IPS monitor driving 3840 x 2160 pixels specifically designed to increase hospital staff efficiency by enabling streamlined work flows and multitasking. In addition to enhanced brightness levels, this monitor provides healthcare professionals with wide viewing angles, minimal color shift and accurate images. The monitor is Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) compliant, which means that grayscale tones are corrected to maintain image accuracy. Finely calibrated to ensure consistency across multiple devices, the monitor is equipped with backlight stabilization technology to guarantee stable luminance levels. Dynamic Sync Mode reduces input lag, while Flicker Safe and Reader Mode settings help reduce eye strain experienced by doctors and nurses working long shifts.

LG 8MP Surgical Monitor

The 27-inch LG 8MP Surgical Monitor was developed for a wide range of uses in the operating theater. In particular, surgeons who favor minimally invasive surgical techniques will benefit greatly as they make precise observations while viewing LG’s wide and highly accurate monitor. The unparalleled clarity of LG’s 8MP UHD panel helps doctors perform technically complex procedures and the monitor’s IPS technology enables multiple medical professionals to view the monitor from different angles with minimal color shift. Boasting brightness levels of up to 800 nits, LG’s surgical monitor is ideally suited for bright operating rooms. This monitor covers over 99 percent of the sRGB color space with additional space dedicated to the deep red spectrum, enabling doctors to more easily distinguish different types of tissue and blood vessels.

LG Digital X-Ray Detector for Radiography

In today’s hospitals, medical technology that is portable, lightweight and durable is key to providing outstanding patient care. Previewed at RSNA 2016, the LG Digital X-Ray Detector (DXD) produces high quality radiography images within seconds using its 16-bit image processing capabilities and a pixel pitch range as small as 127 micrometers, producing super-high-resolution images for radiographers and radiologists to quickly and accurately identify health issues. A magnesium and carbon fiber body make the LG DXD well-suited to serve patients in a range of medical settings and the IP41 rating for water and dust resistance helps assure optimal performance even when this DXD comes in contact with powders or liquids.

“LG’s entry into the medical imaging device market represents a bold new step in our strategy to expand LG’s position in the B2B market,” said Brian Kwon, president of LG Home Entertainment Company. “As a worldwide leader in the premium display industry, we are confident that LG technology will make a significant contribution to hospitals and medical facilities as they seek to improve the accuracy, quality and efficiency of their diagnostic procedures.”

The RSNA is an association of more than 54,000 radiologists, radiation oncologists, medical physicists and related scientists, promoting excellence in patient care and healthcare delivery through education, research and technological innovation ( LG’s new medical imaging devices are being demonstrated for the first time at RSNA 2016, which runs through Dec. 2. The clinical and surgical monitors will roll out in key markets soon thereafter. The LG DXD will be available in 2017.


* According to DICOM, part 14 guidelines published by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) and the American College of Radiology (ACR).


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