September 7, 2015


Great Appliances Represent a First Step Toward Simpler, Easier, Healthier Life

LG Studio line-ups, including oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, induction and gas cooktop, and Speed Oven featured in a kitchen.

BERLIN, Sep. 7, 2015 — At IFA 2015, LG Electronics (LG) is showcasing its newest premium kitchen lineup with more consumer-centric functions than ever before. Featured prominently among the lineup will be the LG STUDIO, which has been designed to seamlessly integrate into kitchens for convenience and better performance to enhance the quality of customers’ meals. LG STUDIO offers a full complement of modern kitchen necessities including ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, induction surfaces and gas cooktops, representing the perfect marriage of functionality and design, perfect for today’s consumers’ smart lifestyles.

LG STUDIO Oven: Better Cooking Without the Mess

The LG STUDIO oven features Easy Clean technology, which includes advanced hydrophilic enamel enabling easy clean-up of food messes. Easy Clean technology eliminates potential food safety risks that could be caused by using harmful oven cleaner solutions. Simply turn on Easy Clean, wait 15 minutes, spray the interior with water and wipe it clean. It couldn’t get any simpler or safer than that.

LG Smart ThinQ™ allows users to download, update and share recipes with friends and relatives via their smartphones, tablets and other smart devices. The LG STUDIO oven is NFC-enabled, which automatically sets the mode, temperature and time for a given recipe after tagging a smart device to the oven. LG STUDIO ovens even self-diagnoses malfunctions to cut down on the time and expense normally required to repair kitchen appliances.

LG STUDIO Refrigerators: Keeping Food Fresher and Longer

LG’s advanced Inverter Linear Compressor has been re-designed to be more compact and to seamlessly integrate into the premium LG STUDIO refrigerator. Inverter Linear Compressor technology enables the LG STUDIO refrigerator to be an industry leader in energy savings, freshness, low noise levels, capacity and durability. The Inverter Linear Compressor also regulates cooling power and reduces internal friction, making the refrigerator incredibly efficient, earning it a European Union efficiency rating of A++. And with the industry-exclusive Total No Frost technology which utilizes the Multi-Air Flow system to evenly spread cool air into every corner of the refrigerator, there’s no icy build-up and food stays fresher longer.

LG STUDIO Dishwasher: Clean Smart

The LG STUDIO dishwasher delivers spotless results and energy savings using TrueSteam™ technology while still delivering A+++ energy efficiency with LG’s unique Inverter Direct Drive. TrueSteam™ discharges high-temperature steam particles directly at food particles to melt them away, leaving dishes immaculately clean. Temperature and pressure are managed by the dishwasher’s built-in steam generator, which has a delicate touch yet is powerful enough to eliminate even tough stains so there’s no need to pre-wash dishes or cups by hand.

LG STUDIO Induction & Gas Cooktop: The Complete Kitchen

The LG STUDIO induction cooktop features Touch Slide Control which allows all functions including heat levels to be adjusted from an intuitive and easy-to-clean ceramic control panel. The gas cooktop features dual front controls, which free up more space for preparing one’s favorite dishes, as well as a flame failure safety device, which gives homeowners peace of mind by preventing gas leaks when the flames go out.

Speed Oven: Professional Cooking Quality at Your Fingertips

The Speed Oven is equipped with a Charcoal Lighting Heater™ which emits a rapid flow of intense heat to reduce cooking time. Compared to conventional built-in ovens, LG’s Speed Oven can prepare a 1.5kg pork roast 74 percent faster, while still delivering crispy-on-the-outside, yet juicy-on-the-inside results due to the Charcoal Lighting Heater’s fast heat dispersion. The Speed Oven’s interface is interactive and features the Auto Menu function which offers a wide range of pre-set modes to help prepare one’s favorite dishes with a minimum of fuss and preparation. And the full stainless design makes it an ideal, premium-looking addition to any kitchen.

“Our kitchen appliance package is ideal for those who relish the culinary arts, take pride in interior décor and of course, love spending time in their kitchens,” said Jo Seong-jin, president and CEO of the LG Electronics Home Appliance and Air Solutions Company. “The convenience of LG STUDIO’s portfolio becomes most apparent for those who spend much time in their kitchens. At LG, we believe kitchens shouldn’t just be an afterthought.”


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