January 2, 2013


Redefining the Category, LG’s Stunning UltraWide, ColorPrime and Touch 10 Monitors
Boast Specialized Functionality and Stellar IPS Technology

A right-side view of LG IPS monitor UltraWide model EA93 in front of a grey background.


SEOUL, Jan. 2, 2013 ㅡ LG Electronics (LG) will present its collection of new IPS monitors at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The high caliber lineup features innovative concepts to meet the needs of the specialist and the everyday user. The impressive monitor selection comprises the UltraWide, ColorPrime and Touch 10, perfectly matched for entertainment, professional applications and touch-based interaction, respectively. All three models employ IPS technology to deliver exceptional next generation picture quality and set the benchmark for displays in 2013.


“LG has focused on blending highly specialized functions with stellar IPS technology. These three monitors will push boundaries and reshape people’s expectations,” said Il Geun Kwon, Senior Vice President and Head of the IT Business Unitat the LG Home Entertainment Company. “The UltraWide, ColorPrime and Touch 10 offer solutions for nearly every task imaginable, whether it’s watching the latest blockbuster movie, perfecting a graphic design, educating a child or anything in between. With this diverse range of creative and highly advanced products, LG has definitely set the tone, and the pace, for 2013.”


UltraWide Monitor: Multitasking and Multimedia Functionality

LG’s EA93 UltraWide monitor is the world’s first monitor to boast a 21:9 aspect ratio. At 29 inches, it offers an expansive display and outstanding multitasking and multimedia capabilities. It is also perfect for watching films and other widescreen-format content; its proportions approach those of a movie theater screen, and it comes equipped with LG’s immersive, thin-bezel CINEMA SCREEN Design. The UltraWide has been designed with productivity in mind, and is ideal for analyzing documents in their entirety, as its extra screen width means more spreadsheet columns are viewable at any one time.


When superior multitasking is needed, the 4-Screen Split feature conveniently divides the UltraWide’s screen into four discrete segments. Instead of having to manually resize and position each open window, a few simple mouse clicks enable the user to quickly arrange programs into a variety of useful configurations. Adding even more versatility, the Dual-Link Up function can connect the monitor to two external devices (e.g. notebooks, smartphones, PCs, cameras or external hard drives) simultaneously. Bankers, researchers, graphic designers, journalists or nearly any other professional can appreciate the boost in productivity that the UltraWide monitor provides. Experts in the graphics field will also find the monitor’s 100 percent sRGB color space expression and support for color calibration helpful. The monitor couples these excellent features with IPS technology to ensure the most accurate reproduction of source material colors.


Touch 10 Monitor : Optimized for Windows 8 and Ten-finger Touch Control

The ET83 Touch 10 monitor’s ten-point touch capability provides the optimal Windows 8 user experience. Conventional touchscreens offer two-finger dragging, scrolling and pinching, whereas LG’s 23-inch Touch 10 monitor allows the user to employ all ten digits simultaneously. This means a quicker and more natural typing experience when using the Windows 8 on-screen keyboard. This monitor will give smartphone users the familiarity and comfort they are used to.


A truly innovative product, the Touch 10 opens up new and creative possibilities for interacting with content. It works seamlessly with musical applications featuring virtual pianos, synthesizers and string instruments. LG’s unique monitor is also ideal for educational applications. Its advanced touch functionality creates a fun and easy way for younger children to control the latest learning software. The vivid IPS display also provides a wide viewing angle that is perfect for learning environments and other communal situations.


In addition, setting up the monitor is refreshingly hassle-free. Full touch interaction is available as soon as the monitor is connected, with no extra software installation required. Arange of touch-friendly apps are currently available from the Windows Store. In addition to the Touch 10, LG’s ET63 monitor offering ten-point touch functionality will also be on display at CES 2013.


ColorPrime Monitor : Color Management Power house

The EA83 ColorPrime is a comprehensive monitor solution for filmmakers, photographers, designers and other graphics experts, providing a superior level of image and color expression. This exceptional monitor boasts a visually stunning Wide Quad High Definition (WQHD) resolution (2560×1440 pixels). It also accurately reproduces a wide color palette that represents 100 percent of sRGB and 99 percent of the Adobe RGB color space. Simply put, the EA83 ColorPrime monitor is a graphics powerhouse.


The monitor’s incredible color palette has been factory calibrated and calibration report is inserted for each monitor. To further ensure the most accurate, true to life colors, LG’s ColorPrime also offers a hardware calibrator as well as the advanced True Color Pro calibration software. The monitor can also be rotated 90 degrees, giving graphics professionals an alternative way to view and arrange their work.


IPS Technology: Vivid Color and Perfect Clarity

All three of the above models employ LG’s advanced In-Plane Switching (IPS) panels, ensuring the best possible picture quality. LG’s innovative IPS monitors have tripled in sales year-on-year, receiving numerous accolades and glowing reviews from top-tier IT magazines around the world. A next generation display technology, IPS has inherent advantages over conventional Twisted Nematic (TN) displays, providing vibrant color and image clarity, as well as minimizing eye-strain inducing motion blur.


LG demonstrated the exceptional picture quality of its IPS panels in the So Real, It’s Scary viral video released in October, 2012. In the short clip, LG’s IPS monitors convince unsuspecting elevator occupants that the floor is falling from beneath their feet. The stunt has received more than 15 million views on YouTube.


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