January 28, 2013


Lineup of Powerful and Professional B2B Display Solutions

Harness The Power of LG’s Advanced IPS Picture Technology

A 45 degrees clockwise view of the world's largest Ultra HD signage (model 84WT70) at ISE 2013


SEOUL, Jan. 28, 2013 -– LG Electronics (LG) will unveil an extensive range of digital signage products at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2013, the world’s largest professional audio visual and integrated systems tradeshow. Taking place from January 29 to 31 in Amsterdam, ISE is the perfect forum for LG to showcase its next generation display products, many of which feature advanced, energy efficient IPS panels. Under the theme of Powerful and Professional, LG’s outstanding business-to-business products, including the world’s first 84-inch Ultra HD Multi-touch Signage, Smart Mirror and new transparent display, are guaranteed to impress the audience.


“Our strong 2013 lineup utilizes the latest IPS display technology to provide superior picture quality for a wide range of commercial applications,” said Havis Kwon, President and CEO of the LG Home Entertainment Company. “Clearly viewable from practically any angle, LG’s digital signage solutions are capable of holding the consumer’s attention in any setting, indoor or outdoor.”



Visitors to LG’s stand at ISE 2013 will be welcomed by the visually impressive 3D Video Wall, which consists of forty-nine 55-inch displays (model 55WV70MD). These innovative products feature one of the world’s slimmest bezel-to-bezel measurements at just 5.3mm, giving the viewer the impression that they are viewing a single enormous display. LG will also demonstrate how its unique 3D displays can be creatively implemented at theme parks or motor shows for the most realistic, fully immersive viewing experience. Ideal for large audiences, the company’s proprietary Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) 3D system employs economical, lightweight and battery-free glasses.



Unlike conventional TVs, outdoor digital signage must be viewable in all types of lighting, in all types of weather conditions. At a bright 2,000 nits, LG’s model WX50MF IPS signage is the perfect solution for eye-catching outdoor advertisements. Whereas competing 1,500 nit displays black out at just 85°C, the WX50MF outdoor display stays bright up to a searing 110°C. Other hallmarks of this exceptional technology include a noticeably wider viewing angle, zero distortion with perfect color consistency and contrast. Additionally, LG’s IPS based digital signage products reduce the total cost of ownership with up to 30 percent improvement in energy efficiency compared to competing products. Local dimming and Smart Energy Saving functions optimally adjust the LED backlight to match the brightness of the content, offering a more comfortable viewing experience while using less energy.



LG’s flagship product at this year’s ISE, the 84-inch model 84WS70, is the world’s largest Ultra HD signage with four times the screen resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) of traditional HD displays. Three of these cutting-edge products will be arranged side-by-side, displaying vibrant footage from the spring/summer collections of top fashion designers in near life-size form. A multi-touch version of the 84-inch Ultra HD signage (model 84WT70) will demonstrate its interactive capabilities using Google Maps. Visitors to LG’s booth will be able to take a virtual tour of their favorite destinations via Street View in ultra high definition mode, an experience that has to been seen to be believed. The 84WT70 is also ideal for displaying interactive information in educational settings, museums, art galleries, shopping malls and department stores.



LG’smodel 47TS50MF transparent display is perfect for installation invending machines where it can show product images and promotional videos, maximizing precious line-of-sight real estate. When a product is selected, the 47TD50MF plays a fun animation of the virtual version of the product being delivered to the customer.



LG will also introduce a number of real-life scenarios in which the 21:9 aspect ratio of its ultrawide signage (model 29WR30) can be used to stunning effect. This new product functions ideally as a media pole to display news and advertising but is also perfectly at home as a virtual banner, providing up-to-the-minute information at bus stops, movie theaters or restaurants.

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